• BeeDazzled

  • "Bee-Dazzled"

    Coming Summer 2014

    L&C’s Monticello Sculpture Gardens will soon be a buzz with "Bee-Dazzled," our 2014 summer garden show featuring bee-attracting plants. The outdoor flower display will showcase colorful blossoms, which will provide food for docile, yet hard-working, native pollinators. 

    Stunning 10-foot tall flowering vine columns dripping with dutchman’s pipe, passion vine, morning glory and flame honeysuckle will spring from the landscape. Vine tunnels laden with buzzing gourd blossoms in the spring will transform into a spectacular living gourd show in the summer. A sunflower labyrinth will provide cheerful color and excitement on campus in late summer. 

    Local school children will contribute their creativity and energy as they make artistic native bee boxes, bee-themed stepping-stones and beehives. 

    Learn more about the plants and bees to be featured in this show.

    Explore the spots highlighted on the Bee-Dazzled Exhibit Key below, and you will discover:

    • Towering columns laden with a rainbow of flowering vines.
    • Colossal blossoms that transform to dangling fruit in the gourd tunnels.
    • Student-created art installations in honor of our invited guests.
    • Thousands of dazzling flowers!

    Things to remember:

    • Bees are docile, hardworking and essential to our food, health and planet. Of the 4,000 native species, the males do not have stingers and remain in the nest, and the females will only sting if severely threatened.
    • Air-borne pollen is the cause of most of our hay fever allergies. The flowers in Bee-Dazzled are pollinated by insects or animals, not the wind, so breathe easy!
    • Bee-Dazzled blooms will change from May to September, so be sure to check the moveable signs the gardeners post as the drama unfolds.