• Customized Training

    Quality. Value. Results.

    There is no room for compromise when it comes to developing talent and improving performance in your organization. Partner with Corporate and Community Learning for cutting-edge customized training for your workforce.

    Utilizing the science of instructional design, we will help you assess the behavioral and skills requirements you need from your workers, and create a solution in direct response to your training needs. An entire program of instruction or a stand-alone seminar can be provided through this service.

    We offer a wide range of customized training opportunities including:

    • Customer Service
    • Communication, Business Writing
    • Team Building and Empowerment
    • Human Resources Management
    • Process Improvement, Six Sigma
    • Change Management, Trust Building
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Strategic Thinking, Goal Setting
    • Coaching, Mentoring
    • Safety, OSHA, Fire Science, CPR/AED
    • People Management Skills

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