• Family Literacy

    Give your children a jump start in life by joining a select group of parents who are focused on improving the whole family’s educational goals. You can get your GED® while helping your child succeed in school.

    What does Family Connections at the Scott Bibb Center provide for your family?

    • GED® preparation
    • Career exploration and development
    • Parenting workshops
    • Parent and Child Together activities
    • Transportation (bus tokens)
    • Family visits to introduce your family to fun literacy activities
    • Lending library of books with activities to use at home
    • Support services to help you overcome obstacles to reach your goals

    Parents with at least one child under 8 years old can participate in parenting education, family visits, and parent/child activities while working towards the GED®.

    Family education is provided at the Scott Bibb Center, formerly the Community Learning Center, in Alton.