Spotlight On: Adam Snyder

Program: Transfer degree
Owner, Pediatric Dentist
Riverbend Pediatric Dentistry
Class of 2000
Adam Snyder has been through a lot of schooling on his way to becoming a pediatric dentist, but it all started at Lewis and Clark Community College. Snyder graduated from L&C in the the Spring of 2000 with his associate in science degree. 

“Lewis and Clark allowed me to take my general requirements and gave me the freedom to explore different avenues without the high cost of other four-year universities,” Snyder said.

After graduating from L&C, Snyder attended Saint Louis University, Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine, and University of Louisville School of Dentistry, where he earned his Master of Science in Dentistry and his certificate in Pediatric Dentistry. 

Snyder is now the owner of Riverbend Pediatric Dentistry in Bethalto, Illinois. He says he realized his passion for working with children while working in public health dentistry at a clinic in St. Louis. That led him to seek advanced training in pediatric dentistry.

“It’s such a joy to work with children,” he said. “There’s never a dull moment, and it helps me feel like a kid at heart!”

Snyder credits L&C with playing a large role in getting him to where he is today.

“The intimate setting of Lewis and Clark was what I enjoyed the most. Small class sizes allowed for better relationships with professors,” Snyder said.

During his time at L&C, Snyder also played on the Men’s Soccer team and was honored as an NJCAA Academic All-American. Some of his favorite memories come from his time with the team, and he says he still keeps up with the friends he made. 

Snyder is also an assistant professor at Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. His goal is to establish a pediatric dental practice in his hometown area to provide dental services to children. He also plans on continuing his academic appointments to help give back to the next generation of dental professionals. 

“My education at Lewis and Clark was an important stepping-stone to where I am today,” he said. “I have had many different experiences throughout my education and training that have helped to develop me into the person and dentist that I am today.”

by Matt McFarlane 
Media Services intern