Spotlight On: Randy Martz

Program: Head Baseball Coach
Randy Martz has been the head coach of the Trailblazers baseball program for 24 years, but before his time at L&C, he played professionally. 

Even before that, Martz was an All-American pitcher at the University of South Carolina, where he was inducted into the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame this summer. 

Martz began his professional baseball career after being drafted by the Chicago Cubs as the No. 12 overall pick in 1977. That same year, he was named the Collegiate Player of the Year while playing for the Gamecocks. He pitched for the Cubs from 1980-82 and in 1983 for the White Sox. After his professional baseball career, Martz became a coach. He began coaching at L&C in 1990.

Martz’s favorite memory as a coach was his 1996 season, when the Trailblazers placed third in the JUCO World Series. The team went 34-25, and won the regional and district championship games on the way to their national appearance. Martz was named the 1996 Coach of the Year in Region 24 for guiding the Trailblazers to their third place finish. The entire team was inducted into the L&C Athletics Hall of Fame in 2013. 

“They had the talent and commitment,” Martz said. “They played hard and worked well together as a team, and it paid off.”

Martz became a coach to help his players achieve their goals and make it to the next level. As the start of another season approaches, he has high hopes for his newest team of Trailblazers, expecting to compete for the conference championship.

“We are young with some gritty players who want to get it done,” he said.

Martz wants to get the best out of his players, and his theory on motivation is fairly simple - win.

“Motivation comes from winning. Anytime you can get on a streak, it’s fun playing the game. If you can’t have fun, you put too much pressure on yourself,” Martz said.

In addition to being the Trailblazers head coach, Martz is also the pitching coach for the Gateway Grizzlies, a local baseball team in the Frontier League. 

by Matt McFarlane