Spotlight On: Peter Hussey

Program: Music
Associate Professor of Music-Percussion
Associate Professor of Music-Percussion Peter Hussey, known for his energetic teaching style and dedication to his students, is L&C’s 2014 nominee for the Illinois Community College Trustees Association (ICCTA) Outstanding Faculty Member Award.

“He is extremely passionate as a teacher, and I can say with certainty he has been a positive mentor to me, guiding me on my path through college,” said Evan Shaw, a music performance-percussion major and student in Hussey’s percussion ensemble class. “He cares about you as a person and helps you find your passion in life so you can follow it.”

The ICCTA selects one faculty member from each community college in the state each year as a nominee for this award. Hussey is invited to attend the ICCTA Awards Banquet in June, where the statewide winner will be announced. 

“I am very honored. Many faculty members at Lewis and Clark are deserving of this award, and it means a lot that I was selected,” Hussey said. 

Hussey, who has been teaching at Lewis and Clark for seven years, helped initiate and develop an innovative program at the college called “REMO-HealthRHYTHMS,” a research-based group drumming protocol with biological and pscyho-social benefits for participants. 

He is also chair of the L&C Diversity Council, creator and director of the “Wind ODDsemble,” which features musicians who perform unique arrangements for percussion, brass, woodwind, string and vocal performance, and a professional performing percussionist.