Spotlight On: Adrienne Reed Oliver

Program: Diversity and Inclusion
L&C alumna Adrienne Reed Oliver has had her heart set on working at Lewis and Clark Community College ever since she graduated from the college in 1990.

“Lewis and Clark Community College has been a long-term goal for me since I graduated,” Reed Oliver said. “I was so inspired by my speech teacher, Linda Watkins, I vowed to return and give back the same support, the same constructive criticism and the same demands for only the best, just as she had.”

As Lewis and Clark’s Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion, Reed Oliver is focused getting to know students individually and helping them overcome specific obstacles.

“We are exploring ways to monitor the progress and better serve each individual student,” she said. “We have found that students who maintain contact with any Student Engagement source are more likely to succeed. We have reached out to diverse students to let them know that we are here as a support system and as a beacon of light, when it seems that they can’t go any further.”

Reed Oliver’s main mission is to motivate diverse students to succeed academically by listening, finding individual needs, and creating diverse experiences through guest speakers, events and activities.

“The best part of what I do professionally is the ability to take action in more than one way,” Reed Oliver said. “I am able to provide concrete answers and support for each student’s individual needs, kind of like tailor making a suit in the form of education, specifically designed to fit each diverse student just right.”

Reed Oliver is currently working on several big projects, including the development of a diversity flag display that will represent the diversity of L&C’s students, faculty and staff, the expansion of L&C’s international studies program, and reigniting L&C’s gospel choir.

Reed Oliver graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Education Administration and Leadership from SIUE. She is a member of the Alton Community Awareness Panel and Women Empowering Women of Reliance Bank. She is also an inspirational and motivational speaker.

“I got into my field because I’ve always embraced diversity; I’ve always wanted to do this,” Reed Oliver said. “My goals are to create activities that will inspire students to reach for the pinnacle of education and life, to motivate students to achieve their academic goals and to be a beacon of light to whomever I encounter.”

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