Spotlight On: Marion Black

Marion Black
Program: Art
Class of 2018

Lewis and Clark student Marion Black is an unconventional artist who loves traditional film photography. This modern meets vintage approach has earned her many accolades.

In 2017, Black represented Lewis and Clark Community College in the Varsity Arts XXI exhibition at the Art St. Louis gallery. Following up on this success, she also submitted and had a photograph exhibited in a subsequent Art St. Louis exhibition, entitled #nofilter. 

“Marion is prolific in her photography classes and has worked with a wide variety of film and paper,” said L&C Associate Professor of Art Jeff Vaughn. “She is always searching for a combination that might yield a certain look. She experiments with processes and techniques that create images that have the appearance of age with an implied record of grain, scratches, and dust.”

Her color photograph, “The Heart of Death” won a juror’s award in the 13th Annual Lewis and Clark Student Art Exhibit, and she received the 2017 Ursprung Photography Award at the 2017 L&C Honors Banquet.

“Once she learned basic photographic techniques of film and darkroom photography, she chose to orchestrate her images,” said L&C Associate Professor of Art Jeff Vaughn. “Marion uses models and props and composes them to create a narrative. The resulting pictures explore art historical movements such as Surrealism and Dada.”

Having earned her Associate’s in Arts from L&C in 2016, Black, who decided to attend L&C after earning dual credit in high school, is now working toward her Associate in Fine Arts. She chose her major after taking Vaughn’s photography class.

“I look up to Jeff, and he encourages me to expand my knowledge in art and play with different mediums aside from photography,” Black said. “If any student is an artist or interested in the arts, I highly suggest taking both studio and lecture classes at L&C.”

Eventually, Black would like to earn her master’s degree and become a successful artist and educator.

“I just want to learn as much as I can about art and other subjects, such as sociology, psychology, writing and philosophy,” she said.