Honors College

Get the experience of a four-year university for one-third the cost by enrolling in this selective admissions program, which challenges high potential, transfer-bound students and enriches their collegiate experience.

The Honors College at Lewis and Clark provides an opportunity for students with outstanding potential to complete their first two years of a four-year degree while saving thousands of dollars and taking advantage of other benefits offered by a community college, including small class sizes and faculty mentorship opportunities. 

This program enhances the college experience through honors courses, service and social opportunities and a culminating undergraduate research project and symposium. 

Students move through the program together as a cohort with 10-20 peers, and work closely with a designated transfer advisor and faculty mentor throughout their two years at L&C to guide a smooth transfer to their four-year university. For best results, students should declare a transfer school upon admission to this program.

Campus Life 

For those wanting an on-campus living experience, discounted student housing at Trailblazer Commons is available for students accepted into the Honors College program on a first-come, first-served basis. Students living at Trailblazer Commons have quick and easy access to nearby dining, grocery and shopping establishments, as well as L&C’s two on-campus dining areas. Learn more at

In addition to L&C Student Activities events, Honors College students will have the opportunity to attend additional field tips and activities and gain special access to guest speakers, special presentations and exhibits on campus. 


Upon graduation, students will have earned an Associate in Science or Associate in Arts degree, with a special honors designation at Commencement and on their college transcript.

Who Should Apply?

Recent high school graduates with a GPA of 2.7 or higher, who have demonstrated potential for success in a higher education setting, may be a good fit for this program. 

Admission will be determined based on a selective admissions process – including a personal essay, letters of recommendation, admissions interview and high school transcripts. 

To become a part of the Honors College at Lewis and Clark:

  • Apply for financial aid by filling out the FAFSA.
  • Prepare a 500-word essay on “how your surroundings have helped shape your identity and your sense of place.”
  • Have at least two high school counselors or teachers send a reference form or letter of recommendation for your admittance to Jenn Cline at
  • Apply below (be sure to click "Honors College" at the bottom of the first page. You will then be asked to answer additional questions and submit your essay, so have your essay ready when you apply).   



Forms and Downloads

Please download forms below, fill out completely and submit via email to

Potential Students

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