Computer Network Security & Administration

The Illinois Department of Employment Security ranks Computer Support Specialist as the number two career with the most annual job openings for graduates with associate degrees.

L&C helps you get your foot in the door with an Associate in Applied Science degree. With our AAS, you'll have a rock-solid background with some of the latest technologies such as Windows Server, Novell Netware, UNIX/Linux, PC hardware, network security and Cisco routers. We also offer a number of certificates in this field.

Computers are the "brain center" of today's business and industrial operations.

As a computer network and system technician, you are the essential go-to, fix-it professional who knows network infrastructure, operating systems, security, and PC hardware and software.

As an L&C graduate, you can pursue occupations in areas such as computer hardware, network installation, network administration and systems engineering.


Computer Network & System Technology | AAS degree
30 and Out option
Cisco Network Administrator | Certificate of Completion
PC Servicing | Certificate of Proficiency
PC Servicing | Certificate of Completion
Computer System Technology | Certificate of Completion
Small Office Network Administrator | Certificate of Completion
Network Hardware Technician | Certificate of Proficiency
Network Security | Certificate of Proficiency
Network Specialist | Certificate of Completion
Microsoft System Administrator | Certificate of Completion
Microsoft Network Specialist | Certificate of Proficiency



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