• YouthBuild

    Lewis and Clark's Building Futures Youth Development program guides community youth (ages 16-24) through GED prep to bridge courses in preparation for college or work, and follows up with those students after placement.

    Program Phases

    Phase 1: GED Prep/P.A.C.T. (Four to five months)

    • Mental toughness
    • Contextualized GED preparation and completion
    • P.A.C.T.-Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training
    • Green constructions
    • Leadership training
    • Career development
    • Community service

    Phase 2: Bridge to College or Work/P.A.C.T. (Four months)

    • Bridge coursework in math, study skills and English
    • Specialized P.A.C.T. Training
    • Continue green construction
    • Careers in green industries
    • Leadership development
    • Community service
    • Mentoring
    • Supportive services to prepare for next steps

    Phase 3: Follow up (Two to three months)

    • Math redesign course for those going to college
    • Mentoring
    • Job placement
    • Financial aid and college advisement
    • Intense case management