• CLEP Tests

    What is CLEP? 

    The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a rigorous program for students who feel confident that they can successfully take a comprehensive exam instead of a course, due to proficiency in that area.

    A maximum of 30 credit hours can be arranged through CLEP by means of exams. Test credit will not be allowed when students have previously received credit in comparable courses. In addition, test credit will not be granted when students are currently enrolled in a comparable course.

    You must schedule an appointment to take a CLEP Test. L&C administers CLEP Tests through the Haskell Testing Center. Call (618) 468-5220 to schedule an appointment.

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    These are the ONLY CLEP tests we accept for credit at Lewis and Clark:

    Name of Test

    Course Equivalency 


    American Government POLS 131 3
    American Literature LITT 235/236 6
    College Algebra MATH 131 4
    College Composition ENGL 131 3
    Financial Accounting ACCT 131 3
    French Level 1 FREN 131/132 8
    French Level 2 FREN 131/132/231/232 16
    German Level 1 GERM 131/132 8
    German Level 2 GERM 131/132/231/232 16
    History of the United States I HIST 231 3
    History of the United States II HIST 232 3
    Human Growth and Development PSYC 232 3
    Humanities HUMN or LITT* 6
    Information Systems CIS 135 3
    Introductory Business Law BUSN 141 3
    Introductory Psychology PSYC 131 3
    Introductory Sociology SOCI 131 3
    Natural Sciences BIOL or PHSC* 6
    Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 151 3
    Principles of Management MGMT 237 3
    Principles of Marketing MKTG 131 3
    Principles of Microeconomics ECON 152 3
    Social Sciences and History SOSC or HIST* 6
    Spanish Level 1 SPAN 131/132 8
    Spanish Level 2 SPAN 131/132/231/232 16
    Western Civilization I HIST 131 3
    Western Civilization II HIST 132 3

    Humanities: Six hours of HUMN or LITT credit.
    Three hours of credit will count towards the additional Humanities/Fine Arts requirement of the Associate in Arts (AA) degree plus three hours of elective credit.

    Biology and Physical Science: Six hours of BIOL or PHSC non-lab credit.
    Three hours of credit will count towards the additional Math/Science requirement in the Associate of Science (AS) Degree plus three hours of elective credit.

    Social Science and History: Six hours of SOSC or HIST credit.
    Six hours of credit will count as elective hours only for the AA or AS degree