• Customized Training

    Quality. Value. Results.

    There is no room for compromise when it comes to developing talent and improving performance in your organization. Partner with Workforce Education, Solutions & Safety Training for cutting-edge customized training for your workforce.

    Utilizing the science of instructional design, we will help you assess the behavioral and skills requirements you need from your workers, and create a solution in direct response to your training needs. An entire program of instruction or a stand-alone seminar can be provided through this service.

    We offer a wide range of customized training opportunities including:

    • Customer Service
    • Communication, Business Writing
    • Team Building and Empowerment
    • Human Resources Management
    • Process Improvement, Six Sigma
    • Change Management, Trust Building
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Strategic Thinking, Goal Setting
    • Coaching, Mentoring
    • Safety, OSHA, Fire Science, CPR/AED
    • People Management Skills

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