• Emergency Information

    What happens if there is an emergency on campus?

    Lewis and Clark Community College is dedicated to creating a safe environment for its employees, students and campus visitors. We have a dedicated Security staff, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), and emergency management plans in place to respond to any emergency.   

    Emergency Procedure Guide

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    LC Alert

    The LC Alert system is the most direct and effective way for Lewis and Clark to communicate with students, faculty and staff members via home, office or cell phone, email or text message in case an emergency situation should arise. The system requires users to log in and input their preferred contact information, so please update your registration today in LC Alert

    LC Alert is also used to announce school closings during inclement weather. 

    Media Contacts

    Marketing and Public Relations informs local media outlets of situations on campus through press releases and the web, but the most prompt, accurate and up-to-date information can be found online at All media contacts should come through the Marketing and Public Relations Department on the Godfrey campus. If contacted by a member of the media directly, please refer to the Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at (618) 468-3255.

    Types of Emergencies

    Refer to our Emergency Procedure Guide above for details on how to react during the following situations:

    • Serious injury or illness
    • Fire/fire alarms
    • Theft
    • Tornado
    • Earthquake
    • Armed subject/shooter on campus
    • Bomb threat

    Reporting Emergencies

    If there is a true emergency on campus, please dial 9-1-1.

    For further information, refer to campus safety.