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    Global Research Initiative

    circles The Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities is currently in the process of assembling world class scholars with expertise in content and research methodologies, enabling the center to conduct large-scale research and sponsored projects, the result of which will be improved environmental equity for communities of disenfranchised people throughout the world. 

    The MJCH will engage teams of humanities faculty, working directly with environmental scientists to communicate the importance of bridging information gaps and applying results of leading-edge knowledge to construct positive, research-based policy solutions to current issues on a national and global scale.

    Mapmaking and Storytelling: A Socio-Ecological Atlas of Community College Districts Along the Mississippi River

    Dalton_mappingThe MJCH’s proposed first Humanities/Environmental Sciences research engagement is “Mapmaking and Storytelling,” with research leads Dr. Shawn Dalton and Dr. Michael Pasquier. 

    The project combines quantitative and qualitative information to improve human understanding of the relationships between people and places and to help inform policy, planning and management to improve regional development and placemaking. Lewis and Clark Community College and Delgado Community College, located in the heart of New Orleans, are the settings for this research. 

    A community characterization of each district will utilize maps and statistics to identify, locate, and explain relationships within and between communities and ecosystems at different scales. Based on a series of maps, the relative distribution of goods, benefits, services, and other datasets can be detected and presented in spatial and narrative forms. 

    Users of a community characterization can then determine the potential for economic development, capacity building, infrastructure investment, community vulnerability and resiliency, and other indicators that are important to the residents, planners, and decision-makers of an area. The MJCH will undertake community characterizations at two scales: the counties comprising community college districts, and higher resolution data for one community within each district. This will allow us to compare outcomes across scales of analysis, and between community college districts.

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