• Gospel Choir Music Ensemble

    Musical Ensembles

    All Lewis and Clark ensembles are open to students and the community for credit or non-credit. The ensembles work in conjunction with Lewis and Clark's Associate in Applied Science in Music Production degree. As students learn to produce music, they also build a basic understanding of how music is put together and performed in a band setting. Ensembles participants choose the tunes to learn and then practice throughout the semester with a video shoot and concert at the end of each semester. Contact the Music Department for more info.

    Rock Ensembles

    Blues Ensemble

    Gospel Choir

    Jazz Ensembles

    Jazz Ensembles covers preparation, exploration and performance of music representing the various jazz styles. Participants must be able to read music but improvisation experience is not required. Enrollment is by audition or consent of the instructor. 

    Wind Ensemble (ODDsemble)

    Open to woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, the Wind Ensemble covers a wide variety of musical styles and genres, including but not limited to concert/classical, fusion, rock, funk and world/ethnic. 

    The Wind Ensemble is affectionately known as the "ODDsemble," given the diverse instrumentation and interest in exploring music from a wide variety of style/genres. The goal of the ensemble is to find music that falls somewhere between purely jazz or classic/concert literature. Members are encouraged to bring their own ideas about musical selections, and to be a part of the rehearsal and arranging process for the group. Traditional music reading, as well as improvisational skills, are used as main aspects of performance. The ensemble is open to any and all interested instrumentalists (string, wind and percussion) as well as guest vocalists and electronic music performers. Through a special partnership with Lewis and Clark Community College, members of the Alton Muny Band perform side by side with, and mentor, ensemble members. 

    Guitar Ensemble

    The Guitar Ensemble covers preparation, exploration and performance of guitar music literature from all major style periods. Participants must be able to read music. 

    Percussion Ensemble

    The Percussion Ensemble provides students with experience through preparation and performance in a variety of percussive ensemble settings, including but not limited to classic/orchestral, world/ethnic, novelty/non-traditional and mallet/keyboard literature. 

    Alton Symphony Orchestra

    The Alton Symphony Orchestra, in partnership with Lewis and Clark Community College, offers orchestral experience for qualified players. All members of the orchestra must be able to read music and prior experience as an instrumentalist in school, municipal or professional orchestra is desirable. Enrollment is by audition or consent of the instructor. 

    Concert Choir

    Concert Choir prepares singers to perform a variety of choral literature, including spirituals, opera, Broadway and other choral literature representing major style periods. 

    Limited Edition

    Limited Edition provides students with vocal performance experience - preparing and performing in a variety of styles, including but not limited to Broadway, jazz and other vocal literature representing the major style periods. Enrollment is by audition only. 

    Youth Ensembles

    In a continuing effort to promote the performing arts and enhance the music instruction provided by the public school systems, the Lewis and Clark Community College Music Department works in conjunction with the following youth organizations: 

    RiverBend Children's Choir

    This choir is offered through our Music Prep program. Learn more.

    Alton Youth Symphony

    The Alton Youth Symphony was founded in 1969 and has grown to include as many as 90 members. It is the only youth orchestra in the region that does not charge a membership fee for students and offers scholarships for private lessons and music camps for deserving members. The AYS was formed to further musical opportunities for youth in the greater Alton area. Its members are young musicians in sixth-eighth grades who play string, wind and percussion instruments in a full symphony orchestra setting. Each year, the symphony performs two free public concerts and tours area schools each spring. For more info, contact Caitlyn Peach at (618) 792-8540.