Graphic Design Student Leaves Mark on L&C Campus

Article by: Jan Dona, L&C Media Services,

GODFREY – After the diplomas are distributed and the caps are tossed into the air, the work of Lewis and Clark Community College graduate Breanna Sak will continue to brighten a corner of campus.

Sak, of Granite City, was the winner of this year’s interactive mural competition.  Her work will be displayed outside the Robert L. Watson Math Building, near the entrance to The Commons, for the next year.

Sak, who earned an Associate in Applied Science in Graphic Design, isn’t used to being in the spotlight.

“It’s a new thing for me to get recognized in any way,” she said. “Having the honor of doing the mural has definitely made my last semester a noteworthy experience.”

A graduate of Edwardsville High School, Sak decided to pursue her degree at L&C on the recommendation of her sister, alumna Abbey Sak, and because of the dual credits she had already earned. She doesn’t regret her decision.

“L&C has been an amazing experience in many areas,” Breanna Sak said. “The campus always brings me a bit of joy; it’s so park-like and beautiful in all seasons.”

Once here, the Graphic Design program wasn’t an obvious choice for her.

“After bouncing between Graphic Design, Computer Science and Information Technology, I finally chose Graphic Design because it fell right in between working with computers and art,” she said. “It seemed like the perfect fit and I received a lot of encouragement from the teachers.”

Sak, who helped hone her skills by working on The Bridge student newspaper, credits the instructors as her favorite part of her time at L&C. Two instructors were especially impactful.

“Louise Jett has had my back my entire journey in this field and has really helped me push past many creative and career obstacles,” she said. “Jody Jedlicka is another teacher I looked up to. She always showed a lot of passion for photography and helped show me that I can find a lot of beauty by just changing my perspective.”

Sak particularly appreciated all the events put on by L&C Student Activities.

“I loved going to all of the fairs,” she said. “It always made me realize how many students there are on campus, and how we could all come together to enjoy some entertainment or food. I loved visiting the festivals with friends in between classes.”

Although Sak has her eye on a bachelor’s degree, she’s anxious to put her graphic design skills to work first.

“I want to test the waters and see where things take me before getting my bachelor’s,” she said. “After being in school for so many years, I think this would be the best thing for me right now.”

Sak has a few different career possibilities in mind: character designer for a video game, an illustrator for comics or graphic novels, or even an entrepreneur with her own company and a niche place in the art community. Her desire to pursue her passions is an inherited trait.

“I watched my mom bounce around jobs all the time, but it wasn’t for reasons you probably think,” she said. “She always chased her passions and whenever she felt an inclination to go after something, she had the tenacity to do so. This taught me that I should follow my dreams wherever they take me.”

For more information about the L&C Graphic Design program, contact Coordinator Louise Jett at (618) 468-4613 or