Increase Mobility and Flexibility with CCL Swim Class

Article by: Louise Jett,
GODFREY – Lewis and Clark Community College’s Corporate and Community Learning division is offering two upcoming sessions of its Arthritis Exercise swim class this summer.

“Exercising in the water has been shown to improve flexibility and mobility, so it’s ideal for older adults who struggle with arthritis or other ailments,” said Swim Program Coordinator Kathy Conlee. “The gentle movements of this form of exercise are great for rehabilitation as well.”

The class is tailored for both swimmers and non-swimmers and will be held in the shallow end of the Hatheway Pool on L&C’s Godfrey campus.

Mary Woodcock, of Godfrey, has been participating in the Arthritis Exercise swim class for more than five years now, and has grown close to her instructor, Claire McBride, and her fellow classmates.

“The class is very helpful,” Woodcock said. “It really helped me with my arthritis pain. Nothing hurts in the water. It’s fun, and I also made a lot of great friends. I call them my ‘exercise family.’ Claire and I have also become good friends. I encourage anyone considering it to join. It is an accepting atmosphere, and I have always felt welcome in class.”

Conlee described Woodcock as “a lively example of why I come to work every day,” and she is proud of L&C’s Olympic-sized pool and adult swim program.

“The pool is a wonderful resource for our district, and the classes have a rich history of physically and socially improving the lives of community members,” Conlee said.  

Enrollment is open for both upcoming sessions of this class, which will take place from 9-10 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday from June 23 to August 1, and from 7-8 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday from June 24 to July 31. The registration deadline is one week prior to the start date of each class.

“Our swim program coordinator works very hard to put together a selection of classes for adults that are conveniently scheduled and taught at an appropriate pace,” said CCL Assistant Director Katie Haas. “Whether people are looking for some type of physical activity to do indoors during the hot summer months, or seeking relief from physical stress and pain, the arthritis swim classes are a great solution.”

For more information including how to enroll, call CCL Program Coordinator Dawn Zedolek at (618) 468-5740. For a complete listing of CCL’s offerings, visit