Decode the Mystery of Writing Grants through CCL Offerings

Article by: Louise Jett,
GODFREY – Lewis and Clark Community College’s Corporate and Community Learning (CCL) division will be offering two grant writing courses this fall.

Depending on previous experience, writers can choose from Grant Writing Basics or Beyond Grant Writing Basics.

“In today’s workplace, grants are becoming a necessary measure to gain support, yet the process can be very overwhelming,” said L&C’s Assistant Director of CCL Katie Haas. “Our goal is to offer a course that offers practical solutions for anyone taking on the grant writing challenge for their organization or cause.”

CCL Instructor Hannah McClellan has worked in nonprofits for 15 years and has honed her grant writing skills during this time. She has successfully written grants worth more than $2 million and managed grants worth more than $3 million.

“Grants often supply needed funds to an organization, and grant writers should understand the importance of proper management of grant funds, once received,” McClellan said. “Grant Writing Basics is designed for new nonprofits or individuals new to the process. Beyond Basics is appropriate for individuals, who understand the basics of grant funding, but need additional support or tips.”

During Grant Writing Basics, participants will learn how to decode the mystery of writing grants. Topics covered will include: prerequisites before the grant writing begins, the types of grant funders, the components of a typical grant application, and tips to improve grant proposal. Participants will also practice writing an essential component of proposals. This course is designed for grant writing beginners and will take place from 6-8 p.m., Thursdays, Sept. 1-22. The deadline to register is Aug. 29. Cost is $59.

Beyond Grant Writing Basics is designed for those familiar with grant writing, who want to go beyond basics and explore tips, but would like additional support during the writing process as well. McClellan will walk participants through the components of a sample grant application and be available for questions as participants work independently on writing a grant. To be successful in this class, participants need to have completed the Grant Writing Basics course or have an understanding of 501(c)(3) fundamentals. The course will take place from 6-8 p.m., Thursdays, Oct. 6-20. The registration deadline is Oct. 3. Cost is $49.

For more information or to enroll, visit or call Haas at (618) 468-5750.