L&C Offers Exponential Savings for Baccalaureate Degree-Seeking Students

Article by: Jan Dona, L&C Media Services,

GODFREY – When times are tough, plans can change – but a person’s goals don’t have to.

Lewis and Clark Community College offers the same, transferable college credit as a four-year college or university, for an average of $18,396 less than native four-year students will end up paying – and that’s not including savings from housing expenses.

“Lewis and Clark offers students an opportunity for small class sizes, rich academic experiences, and student engagement opportunities – all of this comes at a fraction of the price of attending a four-year institution,” said L&C Interim President Lori Artis. “The individualized attention our students receive results in Lewis and Clark students doing as well or better than their university counterparts upon transfer.”

Tuition for in-district students is just $125 per credit hour. A full-time student taking 15 credit hours per semester will end up paying around $4,440 in tuition and fees for fall and spring, compared to an average of $13,638 at a four-year school toward the same degree.

By the end of a student’s second year at L&C, he or she will have spent $8,880 or less toward their bachelor’s degree and will leave L&C with an associate degree – a value added. Their university counterpart, meanwhile, is in debt an average of $27,276 with no degree to speak of.

To meet the needs of the community and those who wish to get an early start, L&C has moved all its summer classes online and has waived all online fees for those courses to keep students moving forward on their path.

Whether the fall brings students back to campus or keeps them in the safety of their homes, L&C is prepared to serve its students in any way possible. If the idea of attending a crowded, four-year college or university seems daunting, or if paying a premium for an online course at one of those institutions seems unnecessary, L&C is a valuable option and a worthwhile investment.

Lewis and Clark’s courses are completely transferable and with transfer agreements in more than 40 fields of study at colleges and universities nationwide, being a transfer student has never been easier. 

“Students who are undecided about their college major have the opportunity to explore various academic programs and experience college life,” said Director of Admissions and Advising Delfina Dornes. “Students who know what they want to major in can take advantage of one of our many transfer agreements with four-year institutions across the area.”

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