Jump into Nia® with Free Demo Sessions through CCL

Article by: Louise Jett,

GODFREY – Lewis and Clark Community College’s Corporate and Community Learning division is offering four free demo sessions of The Nia Technique®, a sensory-based movement and lifestyle practice.

“We are striving to provide community learning activities that are in line with what our communities want to learn,” CCL Assistant Director Katie Haas said. “Nia® is wildly popular in other parts of the country and these sessions will help us determine if there is a spark of interest in the Riverbend area for this exciting trend.”

Nia® is a sensory-based movement and lifestyle practice stemming from martial arts, like Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do and Aikido; dance Arts, like jazz dance, modern dance and Duncan Dance; and Healing Arts, like yoga, Alexander Technique and the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais.

Trainers Liz Lane and Carleen Weber are not only licensed Nia® instructors but also Nia® superfans.

“I just can't say enough about how Nia® has fulfilled every holistic aspect of my life,” Weber said. “I'm never bored, always inspired, tuning my mind, toning my body, engaging my wild side and having fun. What more could a person ask for?”

The Nia® practice embodies the holistic-self conditioning mind, body, spirit and emotions through low-impact movements set to motivating music. Classes are performed barefoot to stimulate more than 7,000 nerve-endings in each foot and promote greater flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability.

“Nia® is the whole package,” Weber said. “Martial arts, dance arts and the healing arts woven together in a routine that leaves you feeling conditioned from the inside out. It is a full body massage for a mere pittance. I work up a sweat, yet I'm not sore and stiff. It's easy to follow along and everybody can do it. From high powered movers to gentle rehabilitation, Nia® benefits everyone.”

No previous experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome. There is no fee to attend, but advanced registration is required.

“The first time I tried Nia, I was shocked by how much fun it was,” Haas said. “It was the complete opposite of a boring exercise class. Liz and Carleen are fantastic instructors and I got a nice workout in a short amount of time.”

Participants can choose from four free Nia® sessions, two of which will take place Wednesday, Feb. 15, from 4:45-5:45 p.m. and then again from 6-7 p.m. at the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities in Edwardsville.

The other two sessions will occur Thursday, Feb. 16, from 4:45-5:45 p.m. and then again from 6-7 p.m. in the Hatheway Gallery at L&C’s Godfrey Campus.

The registration deadline is Feb. 13 for all sessions. Those interested can sign up online at or by calling (618) 468-5701.