L&C Honors College Student to Host Faith and Feminism Panel

Article by: Louise Jett, L&C Media Services,

GODFREY – Lewis and Clark Community College Honors College Student Vanessa Perkinson will host “Faith and Feminism: A Conversation About Equality,” from 1:30–3:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 27.

The panel is Perkinson’s honors research project this year.

“Vanessa is a dedicated learner and the ideal Honors College student, full of energy and excitement to understand the world around her,” Honors College Coordinator Jen Cline said. “This event is particularly important because the faces we are typically shown of religious leaders are men, but she is disrupting the traditional narrative by showing us the women leaders in faith.”

This free event, which will be held in the Hatheway Cultural Center, is open to the public and will include free pizza and soda for attendees.

Panelists will include Pastor Amy Brooks, from the First Unitarian Church of Alton; Rabbi Karen Kriger Bogard, from the Central Reform Congregation; and Venerable Kongyan, from the Mid-America Buddhist Association.

“As the chair of Diversity Council here at Lewis and Clark, I’m so excited about this upcoming event and Vanessa’s desire to bring this remarkable group of women to our campus,” L&C Professor of Music/Percussion Peter Hussey said. “To have an Honors College student coordinate such an event is a testament to not only Vanessa’s own personal conviction for the subject, but to the nature of our Honors College students, and their willingness to dive into meaningful topics and meaningful projects in meaningful ways.”

Students of the L&C Honors College choose one course each semester to designate as an honors course, in which they work with their professor to create a research or action project, in addition to their regular studies.

“Honors College is the reason I have opportunity to make this panel happen,” Perkinson said. “The panel is the product of inspiration from Lewis and Clark courses I’ve taken and my own exploration of a topic in my chosen field of study.”

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