L&C Students Speak on ‘Trilogy of Topics’ for Women’s History Month

Article by: Laura Inlow, L&C Media Services,

GODFREY – Students in Associate Professor of English Emily Corby’s Women in Literature class (LITT 135) at Lewis and Clark Community College presented a “Trilogy of Topics” at noon, Wednesday, March 6, in L&C’s Ringhausen Atrium in honor of Women’s History Month.

Emily Bevenour’s presentation was called “Witch, Please!” and focused on healers, midwives and the "witches" of history who knew how to medically use herbs and other natural products.

Breanna Jackson titled her presentation “The Mad Black Woman,” and it focused on myths about women of color, particularly black women.

Sam McGowan’s presentation was titled “The Strange History of Birth Control,” and she shared her findings on how women in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and China prevented pregnancy, in contrast to the methods women use today.

“I'm so proud of these three women for their hard work and for getting in front of a full room to share their research findings,” Corby said.

Women in Literature is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:50 a.m., and there is typically an online section available as well.

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