Illinois Community Colleges Closer to Offering Four Year Nursing Degrees

Article by: Benjamin Yount, Illinois News Network,

Some Illinois community colleges are a step closer to being able to offer four-year nursing degrees. 

The battle over the future of nursing school in Illinois is headed for a final vote this week. An Illinois House panel on Monday approved Senate Bill 3025, which would allow some community colleges in the state to offer four-year nursing degrees. 

Lewis and Clark Community College President Dale Chapman told lawmakers that community colleges can create a pipeline to hospitals in smaller, and rural communities. 

"This bill is not about universities versus community colleges," Chapman said. "This is about using the tremendous resources that we have at the community colleges, at no cost to the state, to keep RN's in Illinois employed as BSN's."

Nurses can become RN's with just a two-year associates degree. To become a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), they must have a four-year degree.

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