Lewis and Clark Mascot Inspires 3D Creation and Speech

Article by: Louise Jett, (618) 468-3220,

GODFREY – When Lewis and Clark Community College’s new mascot, Blazer, visited Faculty Member Mary Busler’s speech class on the first day of school, Josh Schaffer was inspired.

“In the next class, I brought in some samples of what I created at home on my 3D printer to show Mary,” Schaffer said. “I thought it would be nice to print something she could keep. I figured it would be fitting to print a paw print in Lewis and Clark blue in honor of the new mascot. I added Mary's name to personalize it for her.”

Schaffer also decided to do his informative speech on 3D printing. He gave an overview of the subject and explained the process of buying and using a 3D printer. His presentation also featured 3D printed “Trailblazer” plastic tiles he made and gave away to his classmates. 

Busler, a student support specialist at L&C’s Student Success Center, was excited to see Schaffer combine the two elements – the experience of Blazer’s visit and the 3D printing process.

“I was thrilled,” Busler said. “Not only am I excited to have a paw print that reminds me of our new mascot, but Joshua applied what we are learning in speech class to Blazer's visit. We had been discussing how anything can be a speech topic, even 3D printing, then he made the paw. It inspired more discussion in the classroom, and students wanted to learn more about the process.”

Dually enrolled in high school and college, Schaffer is attending L&C for the first time this semester. Because he is homeschooled, this is his first experience in a classroom with other students.

“I think Mary Busler is an excellent professor,” Schaffer said. “She is really good at engaging with the class and prompting class conversation. I was originally very hesitant about taking public speaking, and I was quite nervous about the class. But, Mary makes it fun, and it is one of my favorite classes.”

Schaffer is currently attending his last year of high school while simultaneously earning his Associate in Science degree. He is still exploring career options, but he is leaning toward the S.T.E.M. fields, with an emphasis on technology and engineering.

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