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Security Notice: 8/28/18 - 8/31/18 Update:Suspect in Custody

Article by: Campus Safety x2300

UPDATE: 8/31/18 3:29 p.m.
Lewis and Clark Community College has recently been notified that a suspect has been arrested in connection with the threat to campus on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018. We want to thank the Madison County Sheriff's Department and all levels of law enforcement for their colleagueship with L&C Campus Safety in all aspects of this investigation. We also want to thank L&C Campus Safety for all their efforts to keep Lewis and Clark secure. We have systems in place to keep our campus safe, and it is encouraging to see these systems work to resolution. We take any and all threats to campus safety very seriously and will continue to work collaboratively with all law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of our campus for employees, students and visitors.

UPDATE: 8/28/18 2:25 p.m.
Lewis and Clark Community College’s Campus Safety and Security officers and local police continue to have a presence on all campuses as a precautionary measure. The Madison County Sheriff’s Department is continuing to investigate the source of a call placed to the Alton Police Department this morning alluding to a possible threat at Lewis and Clark Community College today. The security and police presence will remain in place until the alleged threat has been resolved. All campuses remain open and all classes and events will continue as scheduled. Once again, please report any suspicious activity to Campus Safety and Security at (618) 468-2300 or the Madison County Police Department at (619) 692-4433.

SECURITY NOTICE: 8/28/18 9:05 a.m.
This morning, Lewis and Clark Community College was notified of a possible threat to campus. Immediately upon notification, L&C worked to make sure all campuses were secure. The college will remain open today, but you will see an increased presence of police and security on all campuses. The Alton Police Department and Madison County Sheriff’s Department are working to identify the caller and resolve the possible threat. In the meantime, if you see or hear anything suspicious, please report it to Campus Safety at (618) 468-2300. We take your safety and the safety of this campus very seriously. For more information, visit