89.9 WLCA Expands Into Podcasting

Article by: Dalton Brown, Riverbender,

Lewis and Clark Community College’s broadcasting program, whose students operate the 89.9 FM WLCA radio station, is expanding into general and video podcasting with a series of studio upgrades.

Mike Lemons, director of the broadcasting program, said this is an opportunity for students to learn in a more hands-on way about podcasting.

“We’ve been teaching podcasting in our courses for a number of years now, but wanted to offer podcasting for any and all who wanted to take it, because audio and video content is important for all professions, really,” Lemons said. “So we felt podcasting could be a skill that’s important even for those outside of media, but for our radio students too.”

Lemons also said this transition into podcasting is part of helping media students gain a more well-rounded skillset.

“If we truly want to stay ahead and keep turning out quality students, they’re going to have to have more skills than just being on the radio or creating audio content, they really need to know how to do everything,” Lemons said. “So that’s really the big push to delve more into not just audio podcasting, but video as well.”

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