L&C Offering Streamlined Path to Paralegal Degree

Article by: Jan Dona, L&C Media Services,

GODFREY – In reaction to a void in the St. Louis-area job market, Lewis and Clark Community College is introducing a two-semester, online Paralegal Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program, beginning this summer.

Starting May 26, students who qualify through L&C’s 30 and Out option could earn their degree, entirely online, by December 2020.

According to Paralegal Program Coordinator and Professor Becky Gockel, the hiring trend starts out by having paralegals work remotely from home.

“I’ve been watching the job market in our area over the last month,” Gockel said. “Firms are actually in a shortage situation right now for remote paralegals and staff. I’ve already made contact with recruiters who have confirmed there is a real and immediate need for paralegals who can work remotely with little to no experience.”

The 30 and Out option is designed for those who have already completed an associate or bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. While the program typically takes three semesters to complete, this new fast-track option allows full-time students to complete the program requirements in just two semesters.

L&C’s Dean of Career Programs Sue Czerwinski supports this innovative approach to online learning.

“Students will finish their AAS in a high-demand job market that requires online skills and remote work discipline in two semesters,” Czerwinski said. “Becky has found a way to benefit students who are staying at home and still wanting to find a new career.”

For more information on this and other Paralegal program options, or to enroll, contact Gockel at (618) 468-4538 or

To learn about other degrees offered through L&C’s 30 and Out program option, contact Academic Advisor Ann Wilson at (618) 468-5255 or

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