• Online Courses for Credit Students

    Online courses for credit students (those seeking a degree/certificate/transfer at Lewis and Clark) provide the same rigor as traditional courses, but their flexibility makes them a convenient alternative. As long as you meet expected due dates, you can work around your schedule and at your own pace, all from the comfort of home.  

    L&C offers two types of online classes: 

    • Online - Classes that are fully online with no on-campus meetings. However, they may require in-person proctored tests. Click on Proctoring for L&C Courses for more information.
    • Web-blended - Classes where most of the work is completed online with some on-campus requirements.

    All online courses use a course management system called Blackboard. Once logged in, students can access all the information for their online classes, including course syllabi, content, assessments and communication tools. 

    L&C offers online courses in business, the humanities, math and the sciences, among others. Find out if you're eligible below. 

    Am I Eligible to Take A Course Online?

    Because we want you to be successful, there are requirements you must meet before you can enroll in an online course. Experience has shown that students who don’t meet our requirements frequently struggle with online learning.


    You can take an online class now if: 

    • You are a new student.
    • You are a returning student with a GPA of 2.3 or above.


    • You are NOT eligible if you have a GPA below 2.29. Please see an academic advisor to create an academic plan to raise your GPA to the level needed for online learning.
    • You are also not eligible to repeat a class online if you have previously received a grade of PR, D or F in either the face-to-face section or online section of the same course.