Spotlight On: Alison Azarak

Spotlight on Alison Azarak
Program: Associate in Science/Honors College
Class of 2023
Hometown: Maracay, Venezuela
Alison Azarak, 19, came to Lewis and Clark Community College from Venezuela to experience new ways of learning and find a community to become a part of.
She found just that in Lewis and Clark’s Honors College, and on the Trailblazers women’s tennis team.
“Lewis and Clark offers a great academic program, but athletics also caught my eye because being a part of a good team where I could feel welcomed was essential for me,” she said.
Her twin sister Justine also plays for the Trailblazers.
Both Azaraks graduated from Instituto Educacional Aragua in 2021. Alison is on her way to earning her Associate in Science degree from Lewis and Clark at the end of the Spring 2023 semester. Her ultimate goal is to earn her bachelor’s degree and, after graduating with honors, to start her own architecture firm.
“I always knew I wanted to study architecture since I was a kid, so that decision was not difficult,”
she said. “One day, I want to be recognized by people, leave my mark on projects, and be a powerful woman. My goal is also to create new, sustainable ways to live.”
When not in class, you can typically find A. Azarak in the library. She is also a member of the L&C Video Game Club, the most popular student organization on campus. She enjoys tennis, crafts, reading, animation and movies.
She’s no stranger to academic and athletic success – A. Azarak held the title of Best Student of the Year in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. In tennis, she’s a multi-year national champion (2015-2020) and a Region 24 champion (2021).
“Alison is tenacious in the best of ways,” said Honors College Co-Coordinator Jen Cline. “She is goal driven and decisively moves through her education. These traits along with being caring and generous set her apart from many other students.”
Azarak said the attention and interest given to L&C students by members of the faculty and staff has been a game changer during her time at the college. She names Cline, along with Associate Professor Joel Hall (also coordinator of Architectural Technology and Drafting and Design), Academic Affairs Specialist Mary Busler and Student Success Specialist Ally Vlahos, as her mentors.