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Spotlight On: Kenya Burnett

Program: Women's Basketball

Most college athletes leave high school having already signed with a school to pay a specific sport. That wasn’t the case for Kenya Burnett, a 2017 graduate of Alton High. 

Although Burnett gets plenty of playing time on L&C’s women’s basketball team, she wasn’t automatically handed a spot on the roster. 

“I was a walk-on,” Burnett said. “I had to prove to myself and to others that I belonged on the team.” 

Burnett is in her freshman year at L&C, and she considers making the Trailblazers women’s basketball team the highlight so far. 

An all-around athlete, Burnett started in youth soccer when she was six years old. Eventually, her focus shifted to volleyball and basketball. While at Alton High, she was named Athlete of the Month, Most Valuable Player and earned the 110% Award.

A goal setter, Burnett knows what she wants to achieve on the basketball court.

“I want to transform into a guard,” Burnett said. “My goal is to average 10+ points a game.”

Although Burnett hasn’t settled on a specific career, she hopes to complete an Associate in Science degree in 2020. From there, it’s her goal to transfer to a university. 

“If you don’t know what you want to do career-wise, get your general education classes out of the way,” Burnett said. “There are a lot of different things I can do with an Associate in Science. It’s a good foundation.” 

The basketball court isn’t the only place in which Burnett is competitive.

“I really just want to be very successful and independent,” she said. 

Burnett considers L&C the best place for her because of its size and location.

“The campus is small and easy to get around,” Burnett said. “It’s important to me to be close to my family.”