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Spotlight On: Destinique “DeeDee” Williams

Program: Women’s Basketball
Class of 2018

Music and sports may seem like opposite activities, but given the practice, stamina and even rhythm required to perform either at a high level, the two have more in common than one may think.

No one knows that more than musician Destinique “DeeDee” Williams, who is also a point guard on the Trailblazers women’s basketball team. Williams has been playing the drums almost as long as she has been playing basketball.

“I have been playing basketball since I was 4 years old,” Williams said. “I started playing drums when I was about 7 years old. I used to play drums in the house with my dad because he plays the guitar.”

Williams, who is from Memphis, Tennessee, chose L&C because of the talent on the women’s basketball team.

“I knew people who had already committed to Lewis and Clark,” she said. “I knew we could go somewhere with the players who were here.” 

Williams is considering careers in both music and physical therapy. After L&C, she hopes to transfer to a university and continue playing basketball. 

“I wanted to be an athletic trainer because I want to stay around sports if basketball didn’t work out,” Williams said. “I really am thinking about changing my major to music because I fell back in love with it.”

Although Williams mentions the staff in L&C’s athletic department as positive role models in her life, it’s her mother who keeps her on track, even from a distance.

“My mom is my mentor because she is four hours away from me and still pushes me as if I was at home,” Williams said.