Spotlight On: Alexandra Blockton

Alexandra Blockton, teacher’s aide for the Adult Education department
Program: Adult Education

Lewis and Clark Community College has changed Alexandra Blockton’s life for the better. The mentors and educators at L&C helped her discover what she likes to do most – write – while also instilling in her a sense of self-worth and a love of lifelong learning.

“I have had some ups and downs throughout my life, but for the most part, I am thankful to be a student here at L&C,” she said. “There are many individuals that have a role in my life as a successful student. They helped me open up my eyes and realize I am a beautiful, bright young lady that deserves a good life. Adult Education matters and I am proud to say I have my very own relationship with everyone in the department.”

Alexandra worked at L&C’s student newspaper, The Bridge, until recently accepting a position as a full-time AmeriCorps member in the role of teacher’s aide for the Adult Education department.

“I would personally like to thank the Adult Education Department as well as The Bridge,” she said. “You all are amazing! I would like to let everyone know I am no longer a victim––I am a survivor! Thank you so much, Lewis and Clark Community College. I am currently thankful to be able to start tutoring, thanks to Project Read! I love being a student here and appreciate all of the support that helped me achieve my educational goals as well as my personal goals. More importantly, because of this support, I was able to overcome my barriers as well.”

Prior to 2014, Alexandra had completed all of her GED® tests with high scores except for the math test. The process to earn a High School Equivalency diploma changed that year, which meant she had to retake all the tests––but she didn’t give up.

“Currently, it is taking me some time to relearn everything as well as the new format of the GED®, but I must admit this time I have come back stronger than ever,” she said. “Overall, my ultimate goal is to become successful and be a lifelong learner.”

L&C’s Adult Education division is offering community members who do not have a high school diploma the opportunity to change their lives this summer, too, by completing free classes that will help students earn their GED® or High School Equivalency.

Alexandra said she would definitely recommend L&C to other people who want to earn their GED®.

“I really look up to my mentor/advocate/instructor Kavon Lacey,” she said. “He is a caring advocate with a heart of gold, who has helped strengthen me into becoming an excellent, devoted student while staying focused on my studies. He always has my back no matter what! As well as Valorie Harris, Louise Jett, Terri Austin, Monica Waller, Linda Chapman and Associate Judge Veronica L. Armouti. You all are amazing individuals, and I thank you all for everything––whether it’s just small talks of motivation to keep me going, guiding me to achieve my goals in life, or just overall being here for me when times have gotten rough.” 

Those interested in Adult Education at L&C can enroll right now or find out more about L&C’s fall offerings by calling (618) 468-4141 or emailing