Spotlight On: Justin Walker

Program: Honors College
Class of 2019
Hometown: Edwardsville, IL

Lewis and Clark Honors College Scholar Justin Walker was going to skip college and join the military before he had a change of heart as a senior at Edwardsville High School and decided to attend L&C.

“I knew there was a stigma around community colleges, but I quickly learned that was a myth,” Walker said. “I’ve met so many amazing instructors and brilliant minds while here at L&C. In a way, I feel like I was meant to come here to start my academic career. I will never regret coming to Lewis and Clark.”

At first, Walker didn’t think he was good enough of a student to enroll in the Honors College, but nudging from two of his instructors, Honors College Coordinator Jen Cline and Music Professor Peter Hussey, changed his mind.

“I found out about the Honors College over the summer before it launched, but felt I wouldn’t be able to join, given my high school record and time restraints,” Walker said. “After talking with both Jen and Peter and expressing my interest in learning and joining the program, I applied. I hope that future students can look at my story, and learn that just because you weren’t always a star in high school doesn’t mean you can’t do well in college.”

Walker will graduate from L&C in the fall of 2018 with an Associate of Science and transfer to Southern Illinois University. He hopes to eventually earn his doctorate and teach sociology at a university someday.

“Justin’s path to a higher education honors program was not typical,” said L&C Dean of Transfer Programs Jill Lane. “We are lucky that he chose to attend Lewis and Clark and even luckier that he applied to the Honors College.”

Justin’s intellectual curiosity is demonstrated through his engagement in not only his Honors College academic research projects, but in his energy and interest in all of the aspects of the Honors College including the Honors College Newsletter and Honors College community building activities. His growth as a student and as a person has been tremendous. We are very proud of Justin.”

Walker is also proud to be an Honors Scholar. He recommends it to any student thinking of attending L&C.