• Programs of Study

    Programs of Study (P.O.S.) allows high school students to be more active in planning their future academic and career goals by providing them with direction to pursue their interests and, eventually, enter the workplace. Through academic and career guidance, P.O.S. sets a pathway of study and training, with multiple entrance and exit points, for students beginning in the ninth grade. 

    A Program of Study will provide the student, wishing to pursue a specific career field, with his/her expected course schedule for each year of high school (including dual credit opportunities at his/her specific high school) and expected semester schedules at Lewis and Clark Community College. P.O.S. allows a student to follow these nonduplicative, aligned/sequential course pathways within their field, complete the program, and enter the workplace in a timely manner.

    The P.O.S. Local Implementation grant seeks to give all Illinois high school students access to such educational resources and opportunities.

    Career and Technical Education programs at Lewis and Clark Community College combine academic coursework with the skills and knowledge that are necessary for these students to achieve success in today's economy as they enter the workforce, or continue working toward degree completion. 

    Courses and Course Syllabi 

    These are sets of and program-specific student guides, by high school, that outline courses and course syllabi to help students work toward and seamlessly transition into postsecondary education programs in their chosen fields.

    Key: AAS - Associate in Applied Science, CC - Certificate of Completion, CP - Certificate of Proficiency

    By School