• Quandary

    by John Edgcomb

    Dedicated 1998


    The sculpture, "Quandary," was commissioned through an Emerging Artist Competition conducted in 1997. The competition was designed to provide up-and-coming artists the opportunity to create new work on a scale beyond their personal resources. The sculpture was the first large scale sculpture created by the artist John Edgcomb. Weighing over two tons, the sculpture was fabricated from Missouri Red Granite quarried just south of Godfrey in Ironton, Mo. 

    Purely abstract in its composition, the sculpture, Quandary, calls to mind the power and elegance of Daniel Chester French’s iconic sculpture of the seated Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. 

    "Quandary" is “Symbolic in several ways; visually it questions what science is about. The three-sided piece represents what we know and have answers for. The piece that protrudes represents the area outside of what we know, and the unknown.  It ties well within the Advanced Technology Center. We like to conceptualize ideas, but many things are out of the box for which we don’t have answers,” John Edgcomb said.

    "Quandary" was commissioned through the Art-in-Architecture Program of the state of Illinois, Capital Development Board. 

    John Edgcomb is an American artist, born in 1963.