Spotlight On: Sarah J Dhue

Program: Computer Graphics
Class of 2015
Whether she is crafting a blog post, writing a book, designing graphics or capturing an interesting photograph, Sarah J Dhue’s creativity shines through in all she does.

Dhue graduated from Lewis and Clark Community College’s Computer Graphics program with her Associate in Applied Science in May 2015. She also earned her Social Media Marketing certificate before graduation from L&C.

Of her many talents, Dhue enjoys writing best.

“Writing fiction is my first love,” Dhue said. “Even beyond the spectrum of computer graphics, I love photography, specifically nature and long-exposure. I love all forms of art and like trying my hand at new things.”

Because of dual credit earned through L&C’s High School Partnership program, Dhue graduated from Alton High School with 17 college credit hours toward her Computer Graphics degree. She was awarded the Alton High School CTE Outstanding Student Award for Graphic Communications in 2012.

“I took a small course on Graphic Principles in the eighth grade and saw a class with the same title on the high school course menu, so I signed up,” Dhue said. “That began my four-year high school adventure into graphic design, and I fell in love with it. As a plus, I am actually quite good at it.”

As a student at L&C, Dhue’s creative efforts were recognized with numerous awards, including Design Student of the Year (2015), Peppermint Rooster Review Cover Contest Winner (2015), Outstanding Creative Writing Student of the Year (2015) and Outstanding Digital Photography Student (2014). Her artwork was also featured in the past three L&C Student Art Exhibitions.

“The classes at L&C have taught me so much and helped me improve my skills,” Dhue said. “However, probably the best part is all the people I have met and connected with who share my same love of design and photography. No matter where they are from or their age, I have met and connected with so many people, and often found we share common interests beyond just design.”

Dhue even met her best friend, Heather Bell, during her first semester at L&C in a speech class.

“We met in speech class and the following semester branched off into classes focused more about our course of study – she is a nursing student,” Dhue said. “Despite living in different cities and pursuing different degrees, we have maintained a fantastic friendship that all started in a class at L&C.”

Dhue has self-published three books of fiction: “For Two Cold Minutes,” “Eyes of Jade” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Eventually, Dhue would like to own a photography and graphic design business, Sarah J Dhue Photos, as well as continue to publish her creative fiction.

She recommends L&C’s Computer Graphics program to anyone interested in graphic design.

“Lewis and Clark has a beautiful, historic campus, with sculptures and gardens,” Dhue said. “I also enjoyed my teachers and my peers at L&C. Honestly, I pretty much love everything at L&C. It has been a great experience, both socially and academically.”

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