• Upward Bound

    L&C’s Upward Bound Program is a college-preparatory program that strengthens the abilities of high school students and encourages them to further their education after graduating.

    Through weekly in-school meetings, workshops and individualized tutoring, students develop their study skills and their abilities in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and computer use. The program also offers opportunities for career exploration, academic advisement, and ACT/SAT preparation. And to help students understand the college-search process, the program provides resources on college admissions and financial aid information, monthly college visits. Academic, personal, group, and peer counseling are part of the program as well.

    Program Requirements

    The Upward Bound Program serves 50 low-income, college-bound high school students each year. Participants must:

    • Have a 2.5 or higher grade point average
    • Submit academic transcript and schedule for review
    • Be an Alton or Edwardsville high school student
    • Complete the application packet and interview
    • Be enrolled in college prep courses in high school

    NOTE: Upward Bound begins reviewing applications for new recruits in April. Freshman and sophomore students are encouraged to apply.

    Summer Program

    This is a six-week, nonresidential summer academic program for all 50 students that offers instruction in mathematics through pre-calculus, composition and literature, laboratory science through physics, foreign language, and computer literacy.

    The summer services also include tutorial assistance and group counseling. Additional activities such as career speaker presentations and weekly cultural and educational field trips are offered as well.