• 2022 Student Art Exhibition
  • 17th Annual Student Art Exhibition

    Lewis and Clark Community College
    April 8 – April 25, 2022
    Hatheway Cultural Center
    Opening reception, Friday, April 8, 4 – 6 p.m.
    Gallery hours are 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays throughout the exhibition.

    Many of the works displayed will be for sale.

  • Winners from the 17th Annual Student Art Exhibition

    First Place

    Jeannette Angelline Carrington
    Composite 1

    Second Place

    Hannah Herrmann
    Peppermint Rooster Review Cover

    Third Place

    Ashley McPherson
    What am I

    Honorable Mention

    Emma Neumann
    Art Nouveau Poster

    Skye Murphy

    Aeriol Turner-Miller
    Old Oil Can

    Special Recognition

    Ash Sirois
    Wilma's Western Voyage

    Anne Bailey
    Bridge of Solitude

    Lee Smith
    The Longing Man

    Accepted Artwork


    1. Gabriel Ahlin, “O’Keeffe”, Oil on canvas, 18”x24”.
    2. Gabriel Ahlin, “Desolate Desert at Dawn”, Oil on canvas, 16”x20”.
    3. Nataley Dixon, Recreation of “Cherubs” by Raphael, Oil on canvas, 17”x21”.
    4. Barr Shauna, “Untitled”, Oil on canvas, 16”x20”.
    5. Mary Curvey, “Over Stimulation”, Oil, 24”x30”.
    6. Mary Curvey, “Wrinkles of Optimism”, Acrylic, 19”x25”.
    7. Linda Thomas, “Achromatic still life: Vessels”, Oil, 16”x20”.


    1. Lynette McDonald, “Encased in Emotion”, Charcoal, 22”x30”.
    2. Deanna Lawrence, “Busted”, Charcoal, 22”x30”.
    3. Alayna Lammert, “Untitled”, Charcoal, 22”x30”.
    4. Lee Smith, “The Longing Man”, Charcoal, 22”x30”.
    5. Madison Baca, “Lizard Wizard”, Color pencil on paper, 24”x30”.
    6. Madison Baca, “Devine Creator”, Charcoal on paper, 18”x24”.
    7. Ash Sirois, “Wilma’s Western Voyage”, Color pencil on paper”, 18”x24”.
    8. Ash Sirois, “Tender Age in Bloom”, Color pencil on paper, 11”x14”.
    9. Aeriol Turner-Miller, “Jennie”, Charcoal, 25”x31”.


    1. Anne Bailey, “Tumbler”, Stoneware, 6¼ “x 3⅛”.
    2. Anne Bailey, “Bridge of Solitude”, Stoneware, glass, 12”x7 ½”x 6 ½”.
    3. Anne Bailey, “The Hat is the Attitude”, Stoneware, 5 ½”x6”x4 ½”.
    4. Samantha McPherson, “Into the Deep”, Stoneware, 9”x5”x9 ½”.
    5. Samantha McPherson, “Under the Sea”, Stoneware, 5 ½”x 5”x4”.
    6. Ashley McPherson, “Inspiration”, Stoneware, 6 ½”x 6 ½”x 3”.
    7. Ashley McPherson, “My Country”, Stoneware, 3 ¾”x3 ¾”x4”.

    Basic Design

    1. Emma Neumann, “Fading Time”, Acrylic, 15 ¼”x18 ¼”.
    2. Anna Tichenor, “Tile Pattern Study”, India ink, 14”x14”.
    3. Anna Tichenor, “Scott”, Acrylic, 16”x13”.
    4. Jessicka Slagle, “Jumping Spider”, Acrylic, 20”x16”.
    5. Jessicka Slagle, “Triadic Elephant”, Acrylic, 8”x10”.
    6. Jenna Hand, “1957 Atlas Deluxe Precision Sewing Machine”, Acrylic, 11”x14”.
    7. Gabriel Ahlin, “Depressed Jellyfish”, Acrylic on Bristol, 11”x14”.
    8. Janan Klaffer, “Wild West”, Ink on paper, 10 ¾”x 25”.
    9. Avalon Eales, “Epiphany in Line”, Ink, 10”x24”.
    10. Gabriel Ahlin, “Mushroom Forest”, Acrylic, 11”x14”.

    3D Design

    1. Madison Baca, “Grateful Plastic”, Clay, 9 ¾”x3”x16”.
    2. Aeriol Turner-Miller, “Old Oil Can”, clay, 10”x9”x5 ½”.
    3. Mary Curvey, “Exhausted Leather Bag with Rose”, Clay and acrylic, 4”x13”x7 ½”.
    4. Ash Sirois, “Harbinger of Twilight”, wire, 26”x26”x9 ½”.


    1. Caroline Hussey, “Elegance and Grace”, Silver gelatin print, 16”x20”.
    2. Caroline Hussey, “At the Bean”, Silver gelatin print, 16”x20”.
    3. Caroline Hussey, “Under a watchful Eye”, Silver gelatin print, 11”x14”.
    4. Laura Inlow, “Mind’s Eye”, Silver gelatin print, 11”x14”.
    5. Laura Inlow, “Innocence”, Silver gelatin print, 11”x14”.
    6. Laura Inlow, “Botanical Bridge”, Silver gelatin print, 11”x14”.
    7. Grace Zucca, “Miles Runs the Voodoo Down”, Alternative processes, 11”x14”.
    8. Grace Zucca, “Bitches Brew”, Silver gelatin print, 13”x15”.
    9. Jessicka Slagle, “Tranquility in Blue”, Silver gelatin print – toned, 11”x14”.
    10. Jessicka Slagle, “Twisted Metal”, Silver gelatin print, 16”x20”.
    11. Deanna Lawrence, “Ambling”, Silver gelatin print, 13”x15”.
    12. Samantha McPherson, “By Any Other Name”, Gelatin Silver Print, 16”x20”.
    13. Samantha McPherson, “Play Me A Song”, Gelatin Silver Print, 16”x20”.
    14. Samantha McPherson, “Cloudy”, Gelatin Silver Print, 11”x14”.
    15. Ashley McPherson, “Stepping into Christ”, Toned print, 11”x14”.
    16. Ashley McPherson, “What am I?”, Gelatin Silver print, 11”x14”.

    Black White Digital Photography

    1. Hannah Herrmann, “Hedgeapple Graveyard”
    2. Hannah Herrmann, “Old Nails”
    3. Jeannette Angelline Carrington, “Books”
    4. Jeannette Angelline Carrington, “Looking Up and Thru”
    5. Jessicka Slagle, “A girl and her dog”
    6. Jessicka Slagle, “Mattie”
    7. Krystie Morrison, “Midnight Blues”
    8. Lin Dean, “In We Go”

    Color Digital Photography

    1. Benjamin Dona, “Lizard at Monte Alban Oaxaca Mexico”
    2. Brooke Mason, “Icey Riverbank”
    3. Hannah Herrmann,” Golden Crops”
    4. Hannah Herrmann, “Spider's Web”
    5. Janan Klaffer, “At the Top”
    6. Jeannette Angelline Carrington, “Crayons”
    7. Jessicka Slagle, “Jumping Spider”
    8. Katelun DeOrnellas, “Untitled 1”
    9. Katelun DeOrnellas, “Untitled 2”
    10. Krystie Morrison, “Fall Reflections”
    11. Lin Dean, “Dance of the Self”
    12. Lin Dean, “Nature's Slide”
    13. Lin Dean, “Squirrel in a Tree”

    Digital Illustration

    1. Ahmad Chapman, “Date Night”
    2. Ahmad Chapman, “Turmoil at 20”
    3. Avalon Eales, “Apocalypse Dreams”
    4. Avalon Eales, “Concrete”
    5. Benjamin Dona, “Tell Me a Secret”
    6. Daniel Gray, “Painting of self-portrait”
    7. Emma Neumann, “Art Nouveau Poster”
    8. Jaden Dipaolo, “Solemn”
    9. Jeannette Angelline Carrington, “Kandinsky Redraw 5”
    10. Jeannette Angelline Carrington, “Kandinsky Redraw”
    11. Jessicka Slagle, “Me in Photoshop”
    12. Laura Shansey, “Fall Fields”
    13. Laura Shansey, “Sunset Portrait”
    14. Lin Dean, “Digital Artist”
    15. Lin Dean, “Hero Trio”
    16. Skye Murphy, “Fernie”
    17. Skye Murphy, “School finally”
    18. Taylor L. Smith, “Artboard 1”

    1. Brooke Mason, “DragonBall Z”
    2. Emma Neumann, “Contrast Pattern”
    3. Hannah Herrmann, “A Designer”
    4. Hannah Herrmann, “Peppermint Rooster Review Cover”
    5. Hannah Herrmann, “Sleeping Beauty”
    6. Krystie Morrison, “The Bridge Vol. 52 Issue 5”
    7. Lin Dean, “My Sakura Contrast Pattern”

    Photo Manipulation

    1. Jeannette Angelline Carrington, “Composite 1”
    2. Jessicka Slagle, “Minneapolis Pride”
    3. Jessicka Slagle, “Proud”
    4. Skye Murphy, “Orange Scan”