• Clery Annual Report

    The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) and the United States Department of Education’s regulations require Title IV participating institutions to publish an annual security report containing safety and security related policy statements and crime statistics and distribute it to all current students and employees.

    The Campus Safety and Information Building is located at the north entrance to the campus where campus maps, visitor, student, staff and faculty parking permits may be picked up. Complete campus regulations are available there. Security Services are maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    To reach the Campus Safety Office by phone, call “2300” if on campus and (618) 466-7000 if off campus.

    Designated parking areas are established on campus for students, faculty, staff and guests. All vehicles must be parked on pavement, between parking lines, and/or centered on parking block bumpers. Parking is not allowed on grass, sidewalks, or in restricted areas. Learn more about parking on campus.

    Monitoring the access of faculty, staff and the student population on campus is a continual practice of campus safety. There is daily interaction between security and maintenance on safety and maintenance conditions of campus facilities.

    Campus Safety is given the authority to enforce all of the Lewis and Clark Community College campus rules and procedures relating to the daily operations of the college campus (i.e., parking, conduct, smoking, etc.). Lewis and Clark Community College Campus Safety immediately notifies the local or state police agencies when confronted with an arrest for a criminal violation on campus. Campus Safety will assist the police agencies in all appropriate ways.

    Contact between security officers and the campus population, along with established guidelines in the college catalog and telephone directory, encourage prompt reporting of all crimes on campus. Reporting of all crimes on campus is accomplished by the security officer’s notification to the appropriate police agencies and a copy of the security officer’s incident report being forwarded to the appropriate college personnel. Learn more about reporting a crime or incident.

    The College has programs designed to inform students and employees about security procedures (i.e., pamphlets, instructions during orientation and registration, faculty and staff semester in-service week, on-campus counseling, and the Health and Safety Committee).

    Off-campus college events require security arrangements to be made by each organization prior to approval by college administration for such activities.

    The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus security Policy and Crimes Statistics Act (formerly the Cam­pus Security Act) is available directly at the following Web site or may be obtained by requesting a copy at the Campus Safety Office or by phone (618) 468-3160.