WEB-135 - Web Page Design Essentials

Introduces the concepts used to develop web sites. Investigates and discusses current economic, legal, and ethical issues concerning the World Wide Web. Students will learn to create and edit Web pages and Web documents. Students develop storyboards, site maps, and navigation structures in the process of creating, uploading, and maintaining their own Web site. Students gain experience in importing and working with text, sound, images, and animation. HTML coding is also introduced. It is recommended that students have basic keyboarding and Windows skills. NOTE: Software for this course is provided for student use in the classroom and in an open lab on each L&C location. Students enrolled in online or web-blended classes will have access to required software from these locations or may consider purchasing the software for personal use.
Prerequisite: C or better in CIS 135 or OTEC 151 (or concurrent enrollment).
(PCS 1.2, 3 credit hours: 2 hour lecture, 2 hours lab)
Academic Level
Web Development/Web Design
Computer Graphics & Web Design
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