• Institutional Committees

    Much of the work of the college is conducted through institutional committees. Every spring, the faculty are asked to indicate their preferences for committee appointments for the next academic year. Administrative staff members and administrative assistants support each committee as appropriate. The majority of the committees are chaired by faculty members who are elected by committee members in the first meeting of the fall semester. Minutes are documented by the committees and posted in Blackboard

    Committee Listing 

    Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

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    The Commencement Committee's purposes are to plan and carry out the annual commencement ceremony each spring; to collect information from students and staff to improve the ceremony each year; to evaluate the ceremony annually and make the necessary changes. 

    Curriculum and Instruction 

    The Curriculum and Instruction Committee aims to assist the faculty and administration in improving and maintaining the quality of instruction and the curriculum. Goals are to encourage continuing study, research and experimentation directed toward the improvement of classroom learning; to assist the Vice President of Academic Affairs in the evaluation and improvement of instruction; to review and approve new courses and new certificate and degree programs; to review existing syllabi, courses, programs and degree requirements; to review syllabi, courses and programs for withdrawal. 


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    Financial Aid 

    The Financial Aid Committee aims to serve as an appeals body for student financial aid applicants; review applications for individual donor scholarships; review applications for individual assistance as directed by the Director for Financial Aid; advise the Director for Financial Aid on other matters when requested to do so; recommend to the administration and board the philosophy and policy concerning student aid; support L&C students' scholarship applications. 

    General Education Assessment

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    Health and Life Safety

    The purpose of the Health and Life Safety Committee is to promote awareness of safety on campus; maintain a safe campus environment; develop and communicate emergency preparedness plans and processes; review any accidents and incident reports to determine patterns and remedy problems. 


    The purpose of the Honors Committee is to plan and facilitate the annual Honors Banquet ceremony; survey students and staff annually to improve the event; solicit student awardees from faculty/program coordinators. 

    New Faculty Roundtable 

    The New Faculty Roundtable committee aims to provide practical resources for new faculty, demonstrate importance of high quality teaching and learning assessment; build community and provide informal opportunities for interaction; share college policies and services through college spokespersons.

    Program-Level Assessment (EDTR 279)


    Rank and Promotion


    Student Learning Assessment


    Technology Enhanced Learning