• Concurrent Enrollment

    Concurrent Enrollment is an opportunity for students to get a jump start on college by participating in L&C courses while still enrolled in high school or a home-schooled environment

    If you are a high school student or a home-schooled student, and would like to take a Lewis and Clark Community College class, please download the form below. If you are attending a high school, a high school representative will need to sign the form. All students participating in the concurrent enrollment program must complete and submit the form to the appropriate Lewis and Clark representative (see below). 

    Concurrent Enrollment Form

    Lewis and Clark Representatives

    Kate Kessler

    Assistant Director, Academic Advisement
    Benjamin Godfrey Campus
    BA 1450
    (618) 468-5250

    • Students who are not yet 16 years of age

    Heather Amburg

    Comm Ed - Jerseyville
    JC 0100
    (618) 468-2274

    • High School Age Home-School Students
    • Carrollton High School Students
    • Jersey Community High School Students
    • North Greene High School Students

    Tim Bell

    Manager, N.O. Nelson Campus
    Comm Ed - Edwardsville
    N7 0129
    (618) 468-5855

    • Marquette Catholic High School

    Cathy Laramee

    Comm Ed - Edwardsville
    N7 0123
    (618) 468-5856

    • Alton High School Students
    • Civic Memorial High School Students
    • Edwardsville High School

    Kelly Wilson

    Comm Ed - Carlinville
    MC 0105
    (618) 468-2276

    • Bunker Hill High School Students
    • Carlinville High School Students
    • Staunton High School Students

    Amy Bowling

    Academic Advisor
    Benjamin Godfrey Campus
    BA 1450
    (618) 468-5258

    • Brussels High School Students
    • Calhoun High School Students
    • Greenfield High School Students
    • Southwestern High School Students
    • Gillespie High School Students

    Alice Bunjan

    Benjamin Godfrey Campus
    BA 2405
    (618) 468-2730

    • Metro East Lutheran High School
    • Connect Christian School
    • Mississippi Valley Christian Academy
    • East Alton/Wood River High School Students
    • Roxana High School Students

    Concurrent Enrollment Form