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    We've created this page to help answer your questions and supply you with digital resources to use. Please browse the categories or search this page using control+F and a keyword to find the information you're looking for. If you have a question and you cannot find the answer on this page, email us at and we will find an answer for you.

    Advising & Enrollment

    Enrollment Services, (618) 468-2222,  

    Is campus open?
    Yes. The campus is open.

    Will classes be in person this year?

    Yes. Traditional, in-person classes are available. Virtual, online and BlendFlex courses offer additional flexibility for students. It may be necessary for faculty or administration at some point to move learning to a virtual format for either a short period related to quarantine, or for a longer period of time if this is deemed necessary for the safety of the campus. Should this be necessary, your faculty or the college administration will notify you of the need for a change. Faculty members with concerns may contact their program coordinator or dean to discuss options for moving forward.

    Can I meet with an advisor?
    Advisors are available to connect with students by appointment. Please call or text (618) 468-2222 or email or if you know your advisor, you can contact them directly.

    Will I still be able to enroll for classes?
    Registration is currently open and can be completed in person, via phone, through a Lewis and Clark email account, or through Student Planner.

    How will transcript requests be handled?
    Transcript requests can be completed online at

    I'm a new student. Where do I go for my orientation?
    Please contact us at (618) 468-5240 or for details.

    Assessment Center

    Jennifer Churchill-Allen, Coordinator, Assessment Center, (618) 468-5240,
    Samantha Hurst, Specialist, Assessment Center, (618) 468-5230,
    Melissa Mullen, Office Assistant, N.O. Nelson campus, (618) 468-5851,  

    How can I take the HESI test for nursing program?
    Please check the Nursing Department home page,, for test dates and more information.

    How do I take my placement test?
    Placement testing is available by appointment. For information and policies go to To set up your testing time, contact us at(618) 468-5240 or


    L&C Bookstore, (618) 468-2268,  

    Is the Bookstore open?
    Yes the L&C Bookstore is open. They also offer offering contactless pick-up and rental returns. Hours and more information are available at

    When do I need to return my rental books?
    Check out our Rental Check-In FAQ.

    How can I get my textbooks for next semester?
    Students can login to the online bookstore at to place an order for their books. Contactless pick-up is available. You can now use your financial aid online. More information, including online ordering and Financial Aid instructions, is available at

    Bursar's Office

    Denise Roth, Specialist, Bursar's Office, (618) 468-3314,
    Destiny Kwas, Specialist, Bursar's Office, (618) 468-3313,  

    How do I make a payment on my student account?
    Payments can be made in person, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or online at After logging into BlazerNet and accessing the Students menu, you will find a Billing and Payments section. From there, options exist to Make a Payment, View Account Activity, or Create an Installment Plan. Tuition, fees and fines can be paid by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. There is no fee for this service.

    How can I access my payroll check for student employment?
    For all accounts in good standing/without restriction, checks will be mailed.

    I've been de-registered for non-payment. How do I re-enroll?
    You can re-enroll by contacting the Enrollment Center, or by contacting your advisor by phone or through your Lewis and Clark email account.

    If I register for a class, how can I pay?
    Payments can be made in person or online at After logging into BlazerNet and accessing the Students menu, you will find a Billing and Payments section. From there, options exist to Make a Payment, View Account Activity, or Create an Installment Plan. Tuition, fees and fines can be paid by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. There is no fee for this service.

    How can I access my 1098-T tax form?
    Instructions to access your 1098-T electronically as well as other information regarding this IRS form can be found at If you have additional questions, please direct them to or call (618) 468-3444 and leave a message. You can expect to receive a response within 24 hours.

    Campus Events

    Is the Godfrey campus open for events?
    Yes, there are currently no restrictions or limitations on events. 

    What safety precautions are required during an event?
    Lewis and Clark Community College follows all safety guidance and procedures.  Guidance and restrictions are subject to change if health and safety are at risk at any time.

    Can I book an event this year?
    We are continuing to book events in 2022 and 2023. Please reach out to our Campus Events staff at or (618) 468-3270 with any questions about events.

    Career Services

    Is help with resumes, job search, etc. still available?
    Yes, the L&C Career Resource Center will continue to provide services via email, on the phone and via Zoom. Contact Terri DeWerff, Career Resources Specialist, at or (618) 468-5503.

    Who can help with WIOA questions?
    Contact Terry Lane, Director of Career and Veteran Services, at or (618) 468-5500.

    Center for Access and Accommodations

    How can I get help with accommodations due to accessibility needs?
    Please contact your academic advisor, Emily DeGrand, at or call or text (618) 468-4128 for help with accommodation support.

    College for Life/Supported College Transition

    Rosie Ellington, Program Coordinator, Supported College Transition, (618)468-5701,

    Are College for Life classes available?
    Yes. Classes are available and offered both in-person and virtual.

    If I want to cancel classes, will I get a refund?
    Students have two weeks into the semester to receive a full refund if he/she decides to drop all classes. A check will be mailed to the address listed on the student's record, or it will be refunded back to your credit card. Please contact Rosie Ellington to verify the address we have on file if you aren't sure where the refund will be mailed.

    I miss my friends and teachers. How can I keep in touch?
    We have a College for Life Facebook group where we can continue to share things. This would also be a good time to learn something new, like using Zoom and have a group chat. We have posted information on using these tools in our Facebook group.


    What do I need to do to Graduate?
    See our academic calendar for graduation deadlines and meet with your academic advisor before that date. More information is available at or contact the Registrar if you have questions..

    I ordered my cap and gown. What happens now?
    Your order can be picked up through the Bookstore. Check your student email for instructions.

    When will I receive my diploma?
    The Registrar will contact you when your diploma is ready.

    Community Education/Non-Credit Courses

    Becky Moore, Division Assistant, Community Education, (618) 468-5701,  

    Are personal enrichment classes or my child's non-credit classes available?
    These classes are available through L&C Community Education. Check out Student Planner or contact Becky Moore for details.

    Is the pool open?
    The pool is currently open for classes, lap swim and open swim during scheduled hours. See for details and times. If you or your child are taking a swim class, please contact Swim Coordinator Kathy Conlee at for more information.

    Community Resources

    All current and prospective students facing challenges and seeking resources, contact Alice Bunjan, or call (618) 468-2730 for information and assistance.

    I have questions or need assistance with housing, health or employment. Who do I contact?  


    (618) 468-4121,  

    Can I speak to a counselor on campus?
    Please call (618) 468-4121 to schedule an appointment or email the counselor, Terri Austin, directly at
    If you are experiencing a crisis and need emergency help, please visit or call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

    Dining Services

    Are the Cafés open?
    More info is available at

    Family Health Clinic

    Family Health Clinic, (618) 468-6800  

    Is the Family Health Clinic open?
    The Family Health Clinic is open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Appointments are appreciated and can be made at (618) 468-6800.

    Financial Aid

    Financial Aid, (618) 468-2223  

    Are you still processing financial aid?
    Yes, financial aid processing is continuing and advisors are taking appointments. If a student prefers, the advising session can be conducted through Blackboard Collaborate (please contact the Financial Aid at 468-2223 to set this up). Many financial aid questions can also be answered via email. Students can log into Self Service and see which advisor to contact to submit their questions or concerns. Students are urged to call their advisor or the Financial Aid office to schedule an appointment or if they have any questions.

    When will I find out if I am eligible for aid?
    The Financial Aid office will notify you via U.S. Mail and Lewis and Clark email regarding eligibility. Eligibility for the upcoming academic year will be announced in May.

    When/how will I hear if I am being awarded a scholarship for the upcoming academic year?
    Awards will be announced late June and recipients will be notified through their Lewis and Clark email address.

    What if I need to drop a class?
    First contact your Financial Aid advisor by phone or through your Lewis and Clark email account prior to dropping a class to ensure the withdrawal will not impact your financial aid. The withdrawal process can then be completed by contacting your academic advisor via phone or through your Lewis and Clark email account.

    What if my income has significantly changed due to COVID-19?
    Please schedule an appointment with your Financial Aid Advisor to discuss your 2021 income changes.

    More Questions?
    Check out Financial Aid FAQ at or contact the Financial Aid office at 468-2223.

    Information Technology

    Blackboard (Online Classes)  

    Student Email  



    L&C Catalog  

    Academic Calendar      

    Faculty/Staff Email  

    SARS Anywhere  

    LC Alert (Make sure your contact info is up to date)  

    Zoom Web conferencing (instructions)  

    What if I don't have internet access?
    Free WiFi is now available in the parking lot next to Security on L&C's Godfrey Campus and in the parking lot next to the N4 building on L&C's N.O.Nelson Campus for students, faculty and staff who need to access it. The Godfrey Campus network is called "LC-Wireless" and no password is needed. The N.O.Nelson Campus network requires your Blazernet ID and password.

    Library Services

    Is the library open?
    The Reid Memorial Library and the library computer lab will be open Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. In accordance with state guidelines, a mask or cloth face covering is recommended while on campus. (Disposable masks, as available, provided upon request.) Online reference support through chat and Zoom will be available Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please check for hours and information.

    How can I access the library's resources?
    IMPORTANT: You will need to log in to access full-text articles and electronic books using the 14-digit number on your Student ID. If you don't know your number, log into BlazerNet, select "My Library ID Number" and find your number next to "Library Badge ID." If you need help, contact the Library.  

    What if I need help with research?
    You can work with our librarians in the following ways:

    What if I still have books I need to return?
    Checked-out library materials should be returned to Reid Memorial Library during regular library hours. For items that are not returned, a restriction will be placed on your account for the replacement cost of the item. When the item is returned the restriction will be removed.

    Online Classes

    How do I access Blackboard?
    Blackboard can be accessed at Use your BlazerNet username and password to log in.

    How do I get help using Blackboard?  

    Marketing and Public Relations (formerly Media & Creative Services)

    Is the Print Shop running?
    The Print Shop is open. If you need assistance, please contact Monica Furlow at

    Is Marketing and Public Relations still available to help with promotions?
    Our specialist are working in a hybrid format. There will be someone staffing the office while others work virtually, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact Laura Inlow at

    Security On Campus

    Campus Safety (618) 468-2300 or Dial "2300" from a campus phone
    Brad Raish, Director, Campus Safety, (618) 468-3160,

    Is Campus Safety on campus?
    Campus Safety is on campus 24 hours a day and available at the Security Building or by calling (618) 468-2300.

    Student Activities & Engagement

    Jared Hennings, Coordinator, Student Activities, (618) 468-6400,  

    Are there activities for students still available?
    Yes. Student Activities is hard at work providing entertaining and interactive events each month during the Fall and Spring semesters, both in-person and virtual. We are asking advisors of student clubs and organizations to continue to provide virtual attendance options for students who want or need them. Find out more at follow L&C's Facebook page for more information.

    Student Success Center

    Writing Desk,
    Science/Math Resource Center and STEM Resource Center,
    Communications Lab/Trimpe Lab,
    Career Resource Lab,
    Psychology Study Center,
    Online Paper Submission, or  

    Is the Student Success Center open?
    The Student Success Centers are available virtually.

    Can I meet with a tutor?
    We have several ways for you to interact with a tutor virtually: over the phone, email, synchronous sessions via Blackboard Collaborate and online paper submission (OPS). Please visit for further information on how to contact a tutor and schedule an appointment.

    Veterans Services

    Terry Lane, Director, Career and Veteran Services, (618) 468-5500 ,  

    Will I still be able to receive my benefits?
    If you have questions about VA or State of IL education benefits based on your military service, please email Terry Lane, Director of Career and Veteran Services, at

    Workforce Education Solutions & Safety Training (WESST)

    WESST, (618) 468-5787
    Dawn Zedolek, Program Coordinator, WESST, (618) 468-5785,

    Are your workforce education and safety programs still running?
    Some programs of this department will be moving online or rescheduled to a later date. For all questions about safety training or any other workforce certifications and educational programs, please call (618) 468-5787 and leave your name and complete phone number (repeat twice) and someone will return your call.

    Is the Bethalto Education Center open?
    The Bethalto Education Center is now open by appointment only. Please call (618) 468-5787 and leave your name and number so we can call you back to make scheduling arrangements. Pre-registration is required for all contractor safety training. Click here for the pre-registration form or call (618) 468-5787.

    Need to contact a specific department or faculty member? Search the L&C online Directory.


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