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  • COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

    Lewis and Clark seeks to ensure a safe and healthy teaching and learning environment for all, and we ask that all Trailblazers do their part to contribute to that effort.

    Masks Highly Recommended

    The college’s leadership and the COVID Response Team strongly encourage mask wearing and mutual respect for our team members, students, and visitors regardless of their choice to wear a mask indoors. Masks, hand sanitizer and other PPE are available throughout campus. For questions about PPE, contact Security is at (618) 468-2300.

    Vaccinations Required for All Team Members and Students

    The college requires vaccinations for all team members and students, per Illinois State mandate. To meet the requirement, individuals must be fully vaccinated (two weeks from final dose), or they must be tested for COVID-19 at least once per week. Partially vaccinated individuals are required to test until they are considered fully vaccinated.

    There are three vaccines that are safe and available for FREE in our communities - Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson. Pfizer's vaccine has full FDA approval for 16+, and EUA for 12-15. Moderna and J&J currently have approval under EUA guidelines for 18+. Visit or contact your local health department to find vaccine availability near you. 


    The college provides free testing for asymptomatic, vaccinated and unvaccinated students and team members ONLY.

    Other Safety Precautions

    • Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Ventilation - L&C will follow strict hygiene and cleaning regimens as recommended by the CDC. We encourage regular hand washing and will provide hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes in all common spaces, including classrooms, dining areas, and student lounges. We've also installed special air purifiers to improve ventilation and air quality across campus. 
    • Social Distancing - L&C encourages a minimum of 3 feet of social distance from others while on campus. 
    • Remote Work/Attendance Practices - L&C will continue to support flexible remote work schedules where possible and allow leadership on campus to work with their respective department teams to determine these schedules.
    Please review our live Frequently Asked Questions document for more information.


    Before Coming to Campus

    What you do to keep yourself and others safe:

    • DO NOT come to campus if you are sick!
    • Respect social distancing guidelines.
    • Wash/sanitize your hands thoroughly and frequently, and avoid touching your face.
    • Get Vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, you must be tested weekly. (See Testing section above.)
    • Mask up. Masks are recommended whenever social distancing is not possible, regardless of vaccination status. Disposable masks are available upon request. 
    • Be respectful of others.

    What If I Have Symptoms, Have Tested Positive or Have Been Exposed to COVID-19?

    Lewis and Clark Community College follows the updated guidelines and recommendations of the CDC and IDPH for When to Stay Home related to COVID-19.

    Please contact the L&C Family Health Clinic at (618) 468-6800 ASAP for further instructions (call/text 468-6818 if after hours). 

    Select the option below that best applies to get more information on next steps.

    You may receive an LC Alert to notify you if you are exposed or potentially exposed while on campus with additional instructions. The need to quarantine and for how long will be determined by the COVID-19 Coordinator based on your specific situation. Please log into LC Alert with your email address and password to ensure your contact information is accurate and up to date. If you have issues, contact us at

    Confirmed Cases on Campus


    Current Week
    Jun. 20 - 16
    Cumulative cases
    Since Jul. 13, 2020
    Students 2 250
    Team Members 1 141
    Others on Campus 0 38
    Total 3 429

    Testing on Campus


    Number of Students and Team Members Tested On Campus
    Jun. 20 0
    Jun. 21 23
    Jun. 22 24
    Jun. 23 0
    Jun. 24 0

    Students Testing


    Positive Cases
    (On Campus Testing)*
    Positive Cases
    (Off Campus Testing)*
    Students Placed in Quarantine
    Total Students Currently in Quarantine
    Jun. 20 0 0 0 1
    Jun. 21 0 0 0 1
    Jun. 22 0 1 1 2
    Jun. 23 1 0 0 2
    Jun. 24 0 0 0 2

    Team Member Testing


    Positive Cases
    (On Campus Testing)*
    Positive Cases
    (Off Campus Testing)*
    Team Members Placed in Quarantine
    Total Team Members Currently in Quarantine
    Jun. 20 0 0 1 3
    Jun. 21 0 1 1 4
    Jun. 22 0 0 1 4
    Jun. 23 0 0 1 3
    Jun. 24 0 0 0 3

    COVID-19 confirmed cases and quarantine information updated on Jun. 24, 2022
    * due to weekly testing requirements, the number of positive cases may include previously reported cases.

    State & Local Information

    Staying informed is critical. Make sure you're getting your information from reputable sources.

    For info on the State of Illinois or your local community's response to the coronavirus pandemic, updated cases and community resources, please check the links below or contact your county's health department.

    Madison County COVID-19 Dashboard