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    Today’s world and workplace is more diverse than ever, and learning to flourish in a diverse environment is a critical element of any education. That’s why we’ve developed institution-wide initiatives that promote awareness and understanding of diversity-related issues.

    Diversity Council

    The L&C Diversity Council arose out of our comprehensive strategic plan to incorporate diversity awareness throughout all campus operations. The council’s objective is to develop initiatives that increase awareness of diversity issues and reflect the diverse society in which we live and work.

    Collaborating with other campus organizations that also facilitate diversity on campus, the council plans and promotes various diversity-inspired activities and acts as a supportive resource for all other existing L&C organizations, such as the Black Student Association and People First, and departments like Minority Affairs.


    Promote cross-cultural understanding and communications.

    Broaden and expand opportunities for positive (constructive and instructive) diversity experiences on campus.

    Increase awareness and enhance understanding of the meaning and importance of diversity in today’s world.

    Promote an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect, one that respects differences and encourages inclusiveness.

    Conduct all College operations and activities in a way that faithfully expresses and represents our stated commitment to diversity.

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