• The Echo Academy

    Inspired by the Monticello Seminary Bulletin entitled, The Echo, this fund exists to support unique opportunities presented to L&C students who are women. In turn it provides academic, leadership and civic opportunities for students who want but can’t always afford academic and cultural experiences.

    Mission Moment

    EchoAcademy-stockphotoJane was thrilled when her L&C Psychology Professor encouraged her to join the Honors College Program.  He wrote a strong recommendation citing it would take her from a student with a high grade point average, to one who has gained the self-confidence required to pursue her university goals. To enter the program, Jane had to add an Honors class to her schedule, but she lacked the funds to pay the tuition. Donors stepped up and shared the cost. Now, Jane has the opportunity to transform from being a great student to a remarkable one. Honors College is a selective admissions program, which challenges high potential, transfer-bound students and enriches their collegiate experience.


    The ECHO Academy Members

    Lori Artis*
    Marlene Barach*
    Jodi Basola*
    Renee Bauer*
    Donna Bemis
    Erica Bratton*
    Monica Bristow*
    Kimberly Clark*
    Jen Cline
    Mary Copley*
    Rachelle Crowe
    Deb Edelman*
    Cameo Foster*
    Theresa Franklin
    Patsy Goss*
    Elizabeth Grant*
    Kathy Haberer*
    Stacey Harmon
    Dr. Val Harris*
    Liberty Hartley
    Elizabeth Hisaw
    Trish Holmes*
    Margaret Hopkins*
    Junior League of Greater Alton*
    Cathryn Kasten*
    Dr. Jill Lane*

    Jill Lorsbach*
    Angela McDowell*
    Patty Morrissey*
    Martha Morse*
    Laura Munson-Dewein*
    Carol Neudecker*
    Linda Nevlin*
    Joyce Niemeier*
    Bonnie Norman*
    Katie Piper
    Nancy Pulizos
    Kate Ramsey
    Sharon Roberts*
    Linda Romano-Miriani
    Laura Shansey*
    Joan Sheppard*
    Margie Sinclair-Parrish
    Anne Stotler
    Lynda Tite
    Mary Pat Venardos
    Brenda Walker McCain*
    Diane White
    Karen Wilson*
    Deborah Witsken
    Denise Wolff*

    * Charter Members