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    Student Emergency Relief Fund

    We Asked. You Helped.

    Victory! The Student Emergency Relief Fund has raised more than $20,000 thanks to donations from faculty, staff, alumni and the community. The fund will help Lewis and Clark Community College students overcome financial challenges posed by COVID-19.

    Many students are losing wages due to reduction in hours or layoffs. Others need to be home with children who are out of school and can’t work. They are struggling to make ends meet while trying to continue their courses at Lewis and Clark through online learning. The social supports we have provided to them are needed more than ever, especially our Student Emergency Relief Fund.

    Right now you are helping students put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. In the near future, your gift will be needed to offset the cost of tuition, fees, books and supplies so that students can continue their education.

    If you have any questions about the Student Emergency Relief Fund, please do not hesitate to contact Debby Edelman in the Foundation office at Thank you, again, for your thoughtful gift.

    Who helped?

    The following champions gave to the Student Emergency Relief Fund.

    Anonymous (3)
    Marlene Barach*~
    Dr. Melissa Batchelor*~
    Dr. Rev. and Mrs. Bruce Baumberger
    Rebecca Beal*
    Meghan Becraft*~
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Beem
    Tammy Boswell*
    Jon Bosworth~
    Chris Brennan~
    Alice Bunjan*
    Carrollton Bank
    Dr. LaVeasey Carter*
    Chrissie Chapman*
    Candida Chappee*~
    Mary R. Cisiewski
    Shelby Clayton*~
    Jen Cline*
    Jimmie Coleman*
    Benjamin Cook*
    Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Copeland~
    Benny Copeland~
    Emily Corby*
    Dr. Patrick Dailey*
    Hannah Dillon*
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert DiPaolo*
    Jan Dona*
    Terry and Noncy Dooling
    Priscilla Dowell~
    Debby and Paul Edelman*
    Carolyn Elliott*
    Korin Fisher*
    France Mechanical Corp.
    Mrs. John Gaskill
    Ann Gawenus**
    Cindy Gelsthorpe
    Mrs. Don Gilkison
    Mrs. Patsy Goss*~
    Ed Gray
    Judy Green*~
    Hank Hargis
    Stacey Harmon*
    Jeff Harrison*
    Liberty Hartley~
    Stephanie Hawk*
    Mr. and Mrs. Merle Hazelwonder
    Charles Heepke~
    John O. Helmkamp~
    Steve Higgins*
    Barbara Hinson
    Jennifer Hooker*
    Tom and Suzanne Hough
    Debra Houghton~
    Lisa Huber
    Angela Hung*
    Peter Hussey*
    Emily Ilch
    Illinois Board of Higher Education
    Illinois Community College Board
    Illinois Student Assistance Commission
    Zeke Jabusch


    Jody Jedlicka*~
    Louise Jett*~
    Nancy* and Tom Johnson
    Nancy Kaiser*
    Carol Kempske**
    John Kennedy~
    Robert Kercher*~
    Michael Kershaw~
    Mark and Mary Jo Kratschmer
    Patty Kuebrich*~
    Destiny Kwas*~
    Mark Landon~
    Loellke Plumbing, Inc.
    Lombardi Interiors
    Dr. Jill and Terry Lane*
    Virginia Long
    Jill Lorsbach*~
    Madison County Urban League, Inc.
    Brad Maher*
    John L. McDaniels*
    Diane McDonough*~
    Holly Mcpheeters~
    Matt Meacham
    Jeanne Meyer
    Debbie Montel
    Linda Nevlin**
    Jessica Noble*
    Chris Paulda*
    Clayton Renth
    Christopher Reynolds*
    Sharon~ and Sam Roberts
    Roberts Motors
    Karyn and Gary* Rolfe
    Lynn and Rick Rose*
    Randall Rushing~
    Tina Russell*
    Bill and Vicki Schrimpf
    John Sloan*
    Terry Spurgeon~
    Susan Parton Stanard*
    State Farm Insurance-Karen Wilson
    Abby Stephens*
    Megan Stevenson*~
    Susan Tarro~
    The Family of Cyrus and Charlotte Johnson
    Dr. and Mrs. Rance Thomas*
    Dennis and Mary Tomkinson~
    Stu Trask*~
    Deej Trupiano*
    Michael Dean Vance~
    Mary Pat Venardos~
    Justin Walker~
    Brenda Wallace*~
    Mary Lou Watson*
    Amanda Werner*
    Athena Whitty*~
    Larry Wieneke~
    Betty Witcher~
    Debbie Witsken*
    Roxanne and Mike Wittman

    *Faculty or Staff, current or former
    **Monticello College Alumna
    ~Lewis and Clark Community College Alumna, Alumnus or Current Student

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