• Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a question about Lewis and Clark? Look through these Frequently Asked Questions to find your answer. Not finding what you need? We are constantly adding to this page. If you still need assistance, call us at (618) 468-LCCC (7000), or drop us a line.

  • Alumni

    What do I get as a member of the Alumni Association?
    As a member of the Lewis and Clark Alumni Association, you get: Free admission to all L&C regular season athletic events; free or reduced rates to L&C music concerts and productions; use of the campus swimming pool during designated hours; interlibrary loan privileges in the Learning Resource Center; a 10 percent discount on purchases over $5 in the campus bookstore (except textbooks, items priced at textbook margin, class rings and any items already discounted at the textbook rate).
    How do I keep in touch with Lewis and Clark after I graduate/transfer?
    You can fill out a form to join the Alumni Association for free! Click "Alumni and Donors" from our home page for more information.

    Financial Aid

    When should I fill out a FAFSA?
     Since some grants are given on a first-come, first-served basis, fill out your FAFSA as close to Jan. 1 as possible, online at
    What types of aid is available?
    There are many different types of aid available, including grants, scholarships, loans, and Work Study opportunities. Please call the Financial Aid office at (618) 468-2223 for more details.

    Graduation & Commencement

    If something happens and I can’t graduate, do I have to pay again later?
    No. Once you’ve paid the fee, it never has to be paid again.
    Is there a fee to graduate?
    Yes, there is a one time $35 fee to graduate. This includes Commencement costs. Because it is one time, it even covers multiple degrees and certificates.
    How do I register to participate in the ceremony?
    If you've applied for graduation before the deadline, you will receive a packet in March containing information you’ll need to participate in the commencement ceremony, including cap and gown measurement requests, tickets and schedules. Be sure to return the cap and gown information by the deadline or you will be automatically deleted from the ceremony. You cannot be added later.
    How many guests can I invite?
    Because seating is limited, we ask that you invite no more than three guests to the ceremony. Seating will begin at 7 p.m. and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Saving seats is prohibited. Overflow seating will be available in the Commons with television transmission of the ceremony. Due to fire codes, there is no space for strollers. Please leave strollers at home or in your vehicle.

    High School Partnership

    How do I access my grades from a dual credit class?
    You must access your grades online via Self-service Student Planner. If you’d prefer a written report be mailed to you, call the campus Enrollment Center at (618) 468-2222.
    How does the dual credit program work?

    Basically, dual credit allows students to get college credit for courses they take while still in high school. It takes many forms:

    • Community college courses taught by qualified high school teachers during the high school day for dual credit (high school and community college credit).
    • Community college courses offered just for high school students during the normal school day at either the high school or at the community college and taught by either a qualified high school or community college instructor for dual credit.
    • High school students attend their community college during the school day for dual credit.
    • High school students attend their community college outside of the school day and with high school permission earn dual credit.
    • High school teachers bring high school students to the community college and teaches a community college course for dual credit.
    When will my grades be available?
    Grades for the Fall semester will be posted by the end of January and for the Spring semester by the end of June.
    What do I get out of it?
    There are lots of perks to participating in our dual credit partnerships. Students can earn college credit even before they’re out of high school, which means they can save time and money toward a degree. Doing the coursework also allows for a more seamless transition into college for many students.
    I’m thinking about going to Lewis and Clark after I graduate. What should I do next?
    Because you took dual credit, you’re already a Lewis and Clark student. Call the Enrollment Center at (618) 468-2222 to take the next step to becoming a full time student here at the college.
    How can I get an “official” transcript from Lewis and Clark to send to a college I’m thinking about going to next year?
    Requests for an “official” copy of your transcript must be made in person or in writing. You may visit the closest Community Education Center or the campus Enrollment Center to complete the necessary form. (Forms may also be mailed or faxed with a valid signature.) There is no charge for having transcripts sent to other colleges. For more information, call (618) 468-2222.


    How do I download an eBook?
    To download an eBook, make sure you are logged into your account. Then, click the “Show details” link followed by the “Checkout & download this eBook” link.
    Do I need to set up an account to download an eBook?
    Yes. Click the “Create a free account” link on the right at the top of the screen. Fill in the required information, then click “Create Account.”
    How long is an eBook available after I download it?
    One week from the moment you download it. It will simply disappear from your computer/eReader device when the time is up.
    Can all eBooks be downloaded?
    No. If a “Download this book” link does not appear, then it means it is only viewable.
    How do I search the library’s catalog for eBooks?
    Go to and scroll down to “Search NetLibrary eBook Collection” and click it. Enter a title, an author’s name, or a keyword in the appropriate space and click “Search.” You should then be presented with a list of results.
    Can I print an eBook?
    You may print up to sixty (60) pages from any eBook.
    What’s the maximum number of eBooks I can have downloaded at any given time?
    You may have up to three (3) eBooks downloaded at any one time.
    How long can I view an eBook?
    15 minutes. You will be given a two-minute warning when your time is almost up and be prompted to continue your viewing session. Click the appropriate message to do so if you wish.
    Is an eBook downloadable or viewable by multiple people at the same time?
    No. When you download or view an eBook, it is unavailable to anyone else. This is basically the same thing as visiting the library and taking a book off the shelf, sitting a table, and using it, or checking it out and taking it home. No one else can use the book then, either.
    What is an eBook?
    An eBook is an electronic, digital version of a book as opposed to a hardcover or paperback.
    Can I borrow eBooks from other libraries?
    Not from other I-share libraries (at Illinois colleges and universities). You can borrow from public libraries, but only if you have a public library card.
    Can I download an eBook from off-campus?
    Yes, if you are a currently-enrolled L&C student. You will be prompted to enter your 14-digit L & C photo ID card (also known as your library card…it begins with 28404000).
    How do I view an eBook?
    To view an eBook, click the “Show details” link then the “View this eBook” link.
    Can I return an eBook before its due date?
    No. It is yours for the entire week.
    How do I cite an eBook in my research paper?
    For information on how to cite an eBook, please visit the “How to Cite Resources” link on the library’s homepage. Choose your format (MLA, APA, or Chicago Style), and peruse the document for information and examples.
    What can I download an eBook to?
    You can download an eBook to your PC, laptop, netbook, Nook, Sony eReader, Kobo…basically any device except a Kindle (coming soon).

    Online Classes

    How do I attach a file in the Message tool?
    Click the Create Message button. In the third section, click the Browse button Complete your message and click Submit.
    What browser should I use?
    Blackboard works most efficiently using the browser Firefox. Blackboard will also work using other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari, but you may find that elements load at a slower pace.
    How can I see everyone's posting in a discussion forum?
    There are two ways to view the messages in a discussion forum: 1. List View, which shows you the first post in each thread. Clicking on one of these posts will show you all the messages in the thread. 2. Tree View, which is an expanded view of all the messages in the forum. To see each message, click the Expand All button at the top-right of the message list. You can toggle between these two views by clicking on the links at the top-hand corner of the window.
    What does the exclamation point mean in my grade book?
    The exclamation point can mean several things. 1. If a quiz has an essay question, it indicates that it has not yet been graded. It can also indicate that you went over the time allotted to take the quiz. 2. For an assignment, it can mean that your instructor has not graded it yet. It can also mean that it has been graded, but returned to you for further work. An exclamation point is hyperlinked. Click on it to check its meaning and/or to see any comments made by the instructor.
    Am I notified if there is a new element added to the course, such as a discussion posting, message, or new quiz?
    When you first log in, you are only notified of any new Announcements on the My L&C tab. If a course contains the “What’s New” module, you are notified of new discussion postings, course materials, quizzes, etc. You are not notified of any new messages that have been posted in the Message tool.
    What is the difference between e-mail and messages?
    There are two ways to conduct a private conversation in Blackboard: e-mail and messages. Your course may contain one or both of these. 1. E-mail is not course-contained. If you or your instructor sends an e-mail from a Blackboard course, it will go to the recipient’s L&C e-mail account. Any responses will be sent to the sender’s L&C account. For example, Instructor A sends an e-mail from his course to Student B. Student B receives that e-mail in her L&C email. When Student B responds, it is sent to the instructor’s L&C account. All correspondence is then carried on outside of the course. 2. Messages are course-contained. The Messages tool contains an Inbox and an Outbox and all communication remains within the course.
    How can I display all of the Announcements in the module?
    In the title bar of the Announcements module, click on the symbol. On the next page, set the Show Announcements for dropdown menu to All.
    How do I log into Blackboard?
    To log in, go to Your User ID and Password are the same as your Blazernet User ID and Password.
    What are the tabs at the top of the first page?
    When you log in, you will see three tabs at the top of the first page: *My L&C tab: This is a global area containing modules that list all of the courses in which you are enrolled, any current course announcements, tasks or Blackboard calendar entries. *The Courses tab: This area lists only the courses in which you are enrolled.
    How do I see my grades?
    There should be a link to the student grade book on the Course Menu.
    How do I see my quiz results?
    You can see your quiz results by clicking on its hyperlinked grade in the grade book. On the “View Attempts” page, click on the hyperlinked grade a second time.
    Why can’t I see my Course Menu?
    A Course Menu that is not displayed is closed. To open your Course Menu, click on the symbol that is on the left-hand side of the course window.
    What are Announcements?
    The Announcements area in Blackboard allows instructors to alert you to any upcoming events, changes, or general information which is pertinent to your course. The most current announcements for all of your courses are listed on the My L&C tab when your first log in. They are also linked inside the individual courses. Note: Not all instructors use the Announcement feature.
    What is the Course Menu?
    The Course Menu is a navigation frame that is displayed on the left-hand side of your course. It contains the links to all the course elements.
    How do I attach a file to the Assignment tool?
    Find the file on your computer by clicking on the Browse button on the assignments page. Select the document and click Open. Click the Attach File button. You will now see that your assignment is attached.
    Can I change my User ID and Password?
    You cannot change your User ID. To change your password, contact the Help Desk at (618) 468-HELP or
    Will I hear from my instructor before classes begin?
    Many online and Web-blended instructors e-mail course information to their students’ L&C e-mail account.


    How can I get information on courses required for a specific major or program?
    Call the Enrollment Center at 1-800-YES-LCCC for information or to set up an appointment with an Academic Advisor. You can also find this information in our online catalog at
    What is the maximum number of hours I can register for in one semester?
    You may register for a maximum of 18 credit hours in the fall or spring semesters or for a maximum of 15 credit hours during the summer session. Additional hours beyond these limits require the written permission of the Director of Enrollment Center for Admissions Services.
    How many courses do I need to take to be a full-time student?
    To be a full-time student, you should be registered for at least 12 credit hours (generally about 4 courses) per semester (6 credit hours in the summer).
    What is audit registration and how do I register for an audit grade?
    Audit registration is enrolling in a credit course without receiving the credit. Generally, audit students do not have to take tests or meet other course requirements. The tuition and fees are the same as a credit course. You cannot change from audit to credit or credit to audit once a course begins. If you’re planning to audit a course, you must wait until the week before the course starts to register. This allows those students taking the course for credit to register first. The period for audit registration expires once the class begins. When you register, indicate on your registration form that you are auditing the course. All applicable tuition and fees still apply. The audit will be reflected on your transcript as “AU” with no college credit given. Audits cannot be converted to a letter grade at a later date.