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  • Meet L&C’s New Mascot! Blazer the Newfie

    BlazerMascot-logo-PNGBlazer the Newfie is the newest addition to the Lewis and Clark Community College family, making his debut on Aug. 20, 2018, the first day of the fall semester.

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    Mascot Profile

    NAME: Blazer
    HOMETOWN: Godfrey, IL
    BREED: Newfoundland
    D.O.B.: 2018

    Q: Why did you decide to attend L&C?
    L&C is my legacy. After searching my bloodline, I discovered an ancestor traveled with Lewis and Clark on their expedition.

    Q: How would you describe your personality?
    I’m friendly, brave and fiercely loyal.

    Q: Do you participate in any clubs/organizations/activities?
    I’m a natural athlete, but am also looking forward to sniffing out all the different clubs and organizations to get a sense of where I might fit in.

    Q: What are your hobbies?
    Rolling in the grass, chasing my tail, eating treats, meeting new people.

    Q: Awards/honors you’ve received?
    I was Vale-dog-torian of my obedience school class.

    Q: How did you choose your major/program at L&C?
    I haven’t yet, but when I do, I’ll know to follow my instincts. 

    Q: What are your educational goals?
    I want to explore as many areas of study as I can.

    Q: What is one interesting thing most people don’t know about you?
    Sometimes, I like to eat my own homework.

    Q: Anything else you’d like to add?
    I think you’re never too old to learn new tricks.


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